Reigns GoT: How to play


Although Reigns: Game of Thrones is a simple game, it doesn’t have a tutorial. Therefore it can be challenging to get started when you’re not sure how to play. Follow this guide and we’ll have you up and defending that throne in no time!

How to play


The aim is to survive as many moons as you can by making the right decisions. Each card will present you with a scenario and give you two options. To respond you can either swipe left or right and the choice will be made.

Secondly, you have four resources at the top of the screen. They are; Military, religion, food and gold. In order to survive, you must balance these all as best as you can. Allowing one of the bars to deplete or fill completely will result in an end game.

Upon reaching the end game, you will be presented with your cause of death. You’ll then be taken to a character selection screen where you can choose who to play as next. To begin with, you will only have a couple of characters unlocked. However, you’ll unlock more as the game progresses.

During a run, you might be lucky or unlucky enough to receive a passive card. These can include; curses, spells, magical items and special events. Depending on what they entail, their effect can be positive or negative, so make your future decisions wisely. For example, when winter falls, your food resource is dramatically affected by decisions that affect it. Meaning you lose and gain more. This can make it difficult to balance the amount you have at one time and makes the game significantly harder.

As you become familiar with certain scenarios, you’ll get a feeling for the decisions you need to make. Even bad choices can help to balance your resources. However, make it through the harshest points and you’ll be worthy of your seat on the throne. Long may you reign!