Ring of Elysium: How to join a game


GamingRing of Elysium: How to join a game

Ring of Elysium offers a variety of battle royale game modes to get stuck into. You can tackle it alone or join up with teammates for more of an intense experience. Whichever you choose, it helps to know how to get started. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get set up and fighting in no time.

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Game on!

Alongside a practice mode and custom games, you’ll find three main game modes. Singleplayer, Duos and Squads. In duo’s and squads, you can team up with random players or invite your friends. However, in singleplayer, you have to fight alone against the world.

To get into the main game simply click PVP, followed by your chosen mode. From there you can choose your desired perspective, first or third person and invite friends to the party. When you’re ready, click ‘start matchmaking’ and you’ll be queued to join a match.