Satisfactory: Best Base & Starting Locations


GamingSatisfactory: Best Base & Starting Locations

It’s important to choose a good location to set-up your base in Satisfactory. Not only will it determine how fast you can collect, find and transport materials, but also how expensive it will be to actually build.

If you build in an inconvenient location to mineral deposits, then you’ll have to build longer conveyor belts which will cost more materials. You’ll also have longer distances to travel to access your machines.

At the time of writing this guide, Satisfactory was in its early access. For that reason, there may be a few things different in this guide compared to your own game depending on future updates. If you’re interested, we’ve covered many more Satisfactory Guides here at PwrDown!

Best Place to Setup a Base

There are so many locations to choose from in Satisfactory where you should set-up a base. However there are some factors which can determine which location is best.

Firstly, you should look for a more open space which has less bothersome terrain such as rocks, cliffs and trees. These objects will get in the way of your machines. Annoyingly, you might not be able to clear them until later in the game when you’ve unlocked the Chainsaw.

A Portable Miner

Next, you should try and keep yourself central to all the main resources. These are your Iron, Copper and Limestone deposits. By pressing the V key, you can do a scan for deposits and see which are closest. Ideally, you should place yourself next to Iron as this is the resource you’re going to use most.

One of the final things you should consider is flat land. Building on hills is difficult, and if you want to keep all your machines laid out neatly, you’re definitely going to want some flat land. If you can get a large space with flat land and materials nearby in Satisfactory, then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Moving Base

If at any point in the game, you find a better location to set-up, you are able to move your entire base. Hover over any of the base parts you’ve set up in Satisfactory, and hold down the ‘F’ key to access the dismantle menu.

You can choose to remove individual objects, or mass remove where you can hover over multiple parts and delete them all at once. When you delete an object, you won’t lose out on any materials either, everything will be refunded to you. Although you will have to rebuild everything at your new location.

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