Satisfactory: How to Download & Install Mods


GamingSatisfactory: How to Download & Install Mods

Surprisingly, Satisfactory already has a huge modding scene which can take the game to completely new heights, ensuring you never run out of content and things to do. And thankfully, mods are really easy to install, requiring just a few mouse clicks inside of a launcher. 

At the time of writing this guide, Satisfactory was in its early access. For that reason, there may be a few things different in this guide compared to your own game depending on future updates. If you’re interested, we’ve covered many more Satisfactory Guides here at PwrDown!

Install the Mod Launcher

To start downloading mods, you will need to download the Satisfactory Mod Launcher to your computer. Head to the GitHub here, and download the latest version. Specifically, you’ll want to download the .exe file.

Download the Satisfactory Mod Launcher

Once downloaded, all you have to do is run the exe to install it. The Satisfactory Mod Launcher should automatically open afterwards, if it doesn’t, you can open it from your Start Menu.

Download Mods

Once opened, there will be some options at the top of the screen. You shouldn’t need to change them really, but they consist of your Satisfactory version and Configuration file (you can create multiple configurations to switch between with different mod setups).

The Launcher

Further down the window, you can take a look through the thousands of mods currently available. Using the Sort/Filter button, you can sort between Downloads, Views, Popular and Last Version Date.

To install a mod, just hit the blue Install button. There’s also the option to install the mods for an older version of Satisfactory. Once ready, press the Launch Satisfactory button at the top of the window to start playing Modded Satisfactory! You can come back to the mod launcher at any time to switch between configurations and remove mods.

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