SCUM: How to Crouch


There are a lot of controls in SCUM. Controls for managing your character, controls for combat and a load for movement. It can be difficult to keep track of what each binding does.

One thing that I have noticed personally is that some controls are different to what you’d expect for normal games. For example, you usually expect Left SHIFT to allow you to sprint. However, in SCUM, the binding is set to scroll wheel up and down. Completely different to what you’d expect.

Another binding that is slightly different is the one for crouching. In most games, the default key for crouching would be Left CTRL. Not in all games, but most at least. However, in SCUM, it’s quite different.

crouching in SCUM
Crouching in SCUM

In SCUM, you can crouch by pressing C. This is also the key for ‘Dive in’. At the moment, there isn’t any controller support so there isn’t a binding for that yet.

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