SCUM: How to Pee, Poop & Vomit


GamingSCUM: How to Pee, Poop & Vomit

SCUM is a pretty deep survival game. You have to keep an eye on your character by looking at his metabolism. You can do this by pressing TAB to go to the inventory screen, then choosing ‘Metabolism’ at the top.

You can check how sick your character is and how many nutrients they’re getting. Eventually, you’ll have to empty your system by either peeing (pissing), pooping or vomiting. A few players where struggling on how to actually do this.

Luckily, we have made a quick guide below for you to check out. Whilst we have made a few more guides for SCUM.

Using the toilet in SCUM

To either pee, poop or vomit, you need to access the toilet menu. It can be found in the quick access menu, which looks like the screenshot below.

toilet scum
Select the toilet option

To do that, hold down the TAB key. If you press the TAB key once, it will open up your inventory. But by holding it down, you will get the wheel. Use your mouse to select an option, in our case, ‘Toilet’.

piss poop or vomit in scum
Choose between Piss, Poop or Vomit

The menu will expand again. You can choose whether you want to Piss, Poop or Vomit. Some options may be disabled depending on the health status of your character.

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