SCUM: How to Sprint and Walk Slow


SCUM can be a bit confusing when you first start playing. One thing I kept trying to do was sprint so that I could travel faster and escape from enemies. With most games, you’re used to doing this by holding down Left Shift.

Although in SCUM, it’s completely different. I found the solution by looking through the controls. Finding out that you can increase your movement up so that you are sprinting, or make it slower so that you are walking.

Increasing your movement speed will drain your stamina, which will passively climb back up. Below, we have a quick guide for sprinting and walking in SCUM. Whilst we have covered a few more guides for the game here at PwrDown.

Sprinting in SCUM

Taking a look at the control settings, you can find the actual way to sprint in the game. Instead of using a keyboard button, you actually use your mouse. Check under the movement section.

sprint controls
Control settings for sprinting

There are two control settings. Increase and decrease pace. To do either of these, you need to move your mouse wheel either up or down. Scrolling up makes you run, scrolling down makes you walk.

running in scum
Character in SCUM running

Running will drain your stamina, which you can keep an eye on in the bottom left. If you don’t like these controls, you can always change them to something else.

In-game, press Escape and then go to Settings. Choose Controls and under the movement tab, change increase and decrease pace to something more suited for you. For example, caps lock to walk and left shift to run.

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