SCUM: How to Turn Off Motion Blur


One thing I found to be quite obnoxious in SCUM was the motion blur. It’s incredibly distracting and makes it hard to even see whats going on when just looking around.

By default, motion blur is enabled. If you choose to disable it and then switch to one of the graphics presets, it will enable itself again. Thankfully, it can be disabled really easily. I heavily suggest doing so, as it looks bad, especially with low FPS.

Below, we have a quick guide on how to switch off motion blue in SCUM. Whilst we have some more guides for the game, available here!

Disable Motion Blur

To start, open up the games settings. You can do this in-game by pressing Escape. From there, choose ‘Video’.

open scum video settings
Open the video settings

This will allow you to edit all the graphics and video settings for SCUM. You should take a look through each settings, especially if you are suffering from lag or low FPS. You may want to turn some down.

turn off motion blur apply changes
Turn off motion blur and apply the changes

The option that we are looking for specifically is ‘Motion Blur’. I have highlighted it on the image above. Set it to ‘Off’, then make sure to click Apply at the bottom of the screen. Motion blur will now be disabled!

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