SCUM: How to use Push to Talk Mic


GamingSCUM: How to use Push to Talk Mic

Push to talk is how you communicate with other players in SCUM. By holding down a key on your keyboard and talking through your microphone, you can talk to other people who are nearby.

With SCUM being in early access, there are some features missing from the game. One of those being the option to disable voice chat all together. Although it’s likely we’ll see changes to VoIP in future updates.

For now though, you have a little control over the voice chat settings, primarily when using push to talk. You can see our quick guide below, whilst we have more guides for the game here at PwrDown.

Using Push to Talk

First off, you need to choose whether you want push to talk enabled or disabled.  Do this by heading to the settings menu (by pressing Escape in-game) and choosing Settings. Then select Sound.

enable push to talk
Enable push to talk

The first option you can control is whether you want push to talk enabled or disabled. If it’s disabled, it’s likely that you just have an open microphone and other players can hear you at all times.

key binding control for push to talk
Key binding for using push to talk

Next, head to the Controls section. At the top of the controls, look for the ‘Modes’ section. Near the bottom, you will see a push to talk binding. By default, this is set to B. So in-game, hold B to talk to other players.

You can change this binding to anything you’d like.

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