SCUM: Switch between Third & First Person View


Some players to SCUM may not realise that it’s actually possible to play in first person if you want. Whilst the game defaults to playing in third person, the option is still there. It works flawlessly too.

In some games, first person often feels buggy with elements missing. However in SCUM, it’s perfectly playable. Some might even prefer it, I find it much more useful when in combat as it’s easier to predict the distance of targets.

We have a quick guide below on how to switch between first person and third person view in SCUM. Whilst we have more guides available for the game here.

First Person Mode

As mentioned before, the game defaults to you being in third person mode. This means the camera follows your character from behind. It can be useful for seeing more of the game world, but can be hard to judge where you are going to punch or hit someone.

third person view scum
Third person view

By pressing the Enter key (by default) on your keyboard, your character will enter a first person view instead. You can see an example below.

first person view scum
First person view

When in combat, your fists or the other item you are carrying will become visible. You can change the key from Enter to something else at any time by going to Settings > Controls. Although some of the more popular presets such as C and Scroll wheel are already taken.

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