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League of LegendsShow FPS in League of Legends

FPS stands for Frames Per Second, and is a good indication of how well a game is performing. Ideally, you want to ensure that you have at least 30 FPS for optimal gameplay in League of Legends. Although anything over 60 is perfect.

You can check your FPS by enabling the counter which is provided in the client. We’ve covered a lot more content here at PwrDown for League of Legends, including guides & best-of content which you’re free to check out! 

Use In-Game FPS Counter

An FPS Counter exists already in the League of Legends Client, although it’s disabled by default. To enable it, you’ll need to already be in-game, as it can’t be enabled from the lobby area.

fps and ping counter
Enabled FPS & Ping Counter

When in a League of Legends Game, hold down CTRL and press F to enable the FPS Counter. As well as the FPS, it will also show your ping. If CTRL + F doesn’t work, then you need to head into the Hotkey settings and see if you have changed this command in the past.

Use Other Software

Other software exists that will allow you to see your FPS in all games. These include the likes of Fraps and Nvidia Shadowplay. To enable the FPS counter in Shadowplay, open the Preferences tab in the Settings and enable it.

Increasing Your FPS

If you are suffering from low FPS, then there are a few steps you can take to help. Firstly, head to the Graphics Settings in League of Legends and ensure all the settings are as low as possible. 

Running the game in full screen mode can also help, as less resources will be provided to background processes. Ensure your graphics drivers are up to date, and that your graphics card is detected (if you have one).

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