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League of LegendsShow Ping in League of Legends

Ping is a metric in League of Legends which displays how many milliseconds it will take before your action will happen. If you have 1000 Ping and try to place a Ward, that Ward won’t be placed for at least a second.

Having low ping is very important, especially when it comes to fights. Having high pings can also cause spikes, where you game will freeze every few moments. In this guide, we’ll show you how to check your ping in League of Legends, as well as some tips for lowering it.

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How to Show Ping

Luckily, League of Legends has a Ping counter built into the game. You need to already be in a game to enable it. Then, it will show up in the top right corner, alongside an FPS Counter (Frames Per Second).

fps and ping counter
Enabled FPS & Ping Counter

To enable the ping counter, simply hold down CTRL and press the F Key. Both counters should become visible in-game.

If this command doesn’t work, then you’ll need to head into the Settings menu in League of Legends, and take a look at hotkeys. It’s possible that you’ve changed the key from its default setting.

Fixing High Ping

A ping of 60 or less is most ideal. You can even go up to 100, but it might start to feel more noticeable. Ping is determined by your connection to the server. So if you are playing in a region where you don’t live, it will take a longer time for your commands to reach the server, causing a high ping. This can’t be fixed.

However, if you are playing in EUW, and are connected to the EUW server for example, a high ping is likely caused by network usage. If you are downloading in the background, or someone in your household is, then Ping Spikes will be very common.

Check background applications such as Steam/Origin to ensure no updates/games are downloading, as well as torrent clients. Otherwise, you can try restarting your router.

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