Sims 4: Best WooHoo, Sex & Adult Mods Working in 2019


GamingSims 4: Best WooHoo, Sex & Adult Mods Working in 2019

Sims 4 has been released for almost 5 years now, and modding support is still strong. There’s thousands of mods available for all sorts of categories such as clothing, hair, accessories and even adult mods (which we’re going through here).

The mods below are all made for PC and link back to some different sites where they can be downloaded and installed. Some of this content is NSFW and not recommended for anyone under 18. Read each topic for more details.

If you want to check out some more content and mod lists for the Sims 4, you can view our compilation of articles here!

WooHoo Lover Trait

This mod adds a new trait to The Sims 4 for any of your Sims who love to WooHoo. It gives the Buffs WooHoo in Bed, Bush, Coffin, Hot tub, Lighthouse, Rocketship, Sauna/Steam room, Telescope, Tent and Closet. All of the buffs will give a flirty moodlet for 4 hours.

Risky WooHoo

After installing this mod, no matter where your Sims choose to WooHoo, there will always be a chance of getting pregnant. There are a few different options to choose from, whether you want to give them as little as a 2% chance of getting pregnant, all the way up to 30%. 

WickedWhims WooHoo Sex Mod

The WickedWhims WooHoo Sex Mod changes the WooHoo functionality in The Sims 4, allowing you to invite multiple sims to WooHoo, change WooHoo positions, swapping Sims out and much more. It also overhauls and revamps most of the animations associated with WooHooing which are NSFW. 

Chantilly Lace Lingerie Set

This mod adds new underwear for female characters in The Sims 4. The set is available in 8 different colors and is available in the Create a Sim interface under the Underwear and Tanktops sections.

Try for Baby in Larger Households

Simply put, this mod allows you to have more Sims in a single household. From there, it also adds the Try for Baby functionality so more Sims can be pregnant at a single time. 

Pregnancy Mega Mod

What the Pregnancy Mega Mod for Sims 4 does is allow you to control all of the stages of your Sims pregnancy. Not much information is given, but judging by the screenshots, it appears to allow you to control the gender/number of babies, the stage of pregnancy you’re in, whether you want twins/triplets and more.

Pillow Talk After Woohoo

After completing a WooHoo in The Sims 4, your Sims will get up and carry on with their day. What this mod does is makes it so that after WooHooing, your Sims will stay in bed and do some pillow talking and be romantic.

Bae Stop Pose Pack

This Sims 4 Mod adds 6 new poses to the game, which can be used with your partner as a part of couple teasing. Whilst most of the poses are mature and not done whilst WooHooing, they are still adult in nature.

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