Slay the Spire: How to access mods


GamingSlay the Spire: How to access mods

Like most indie games, Slay the Spire has a dedicated community behind it. Its members release new mods to the steam workshop every week for you to play. But, how do you get to it?

Follow this quick guide and you’ll be experiencing a new side to Slay the Spire in no time. If you’re still stuck, why not check out our other Slay the Spire guides right here at Pwrdown!


Modding time

First of all, navigate your way to the Slay the Spire workshop on Steam and subscribe to your favourite mod packs. Once that’s done, simply right click the game in your library and click ‘Run With Mods’. This will open a window where you can select which mods you use. From there click start and the game will open.

After that, you’ll find heaps of new content ready for you to experience. All you have to do is survive…