Slay the Spire: How to access the daily climb


GamingSlay the Spire: How to access the daily climb

One of the many additions to Slay the Spire is the Daily Climb option. Added during the early access phase of development, it gives the player to try a new randomly generated run every day. But how do you access it?

Follow this quick guide and we’ll have you hitting the high scores on the leaderboard in no time! If you’re still stuck you can find more guides for Slay the Spire right here at Pwrdown!


Daily Climb

To get started, simply click go to the main menu and click Play. You may have to finish or abandon your current run before being able to start a new one. From there, click the second option, Daily Climb and you’ll be taken to the current challenge.

On screen, you’ll be able to find all the details of today’s challenge. Including information about the character, modifiers and who’s top of the leaderboard. When you’re ready to begin the run simply click Embark.

After that, you’ll be whisked away into the mystery and uncover the secrets that lay ahead. If you don’t succeed you can always attempt the run again, or return another new for a different challenge.