South Park Phone Destroyer Achievements & Rewards

Achievements in South Park Phone Destroyer

When playing through the campaign in South Park Phone Destroyer, you may often find yourself completing achievements. These are in-game challenges which offer rewards in the form of cash. The amount of cash received from achievements is usually around $3 – $5.

If you don’t know where to find the achievements section in South Park Destroyer, follow the screenshots below.

south park phone destroyer select the menu in the top right

When in the level selection screen or menu, select the phone icon in the top right of the screen.

south park phone destroyer choose achievements

On the first page of your mobile, hit the ‘Achievements’ button.

south park phone destroyer look at the list of achievements as well as rewards

In the list, you can see all of the available achievements, your current progress as well as the rewards for completing them.

Achievements and Rewards

Each completed achievement will offer a reward of cash. Below, I have listed out each achievement in-game along with the cash reward in South Park Phone Destroyer.

  1. Kill Kenny – $3
  2. Level up New Kid for the first time – $3
  3. Complete Episode 1 Indian Summer – $5
  4. Win 1 PvP Battle – $3
  5. Reach Rank 3 in PvP – $3
  6. Upgrade your first card – $3
  7. Collect 15 different cards – $5
  8. Level up your first card – $3
  9. Level up your cards 50 times – $5
  10. Spend 100 tickets at Butters’ shop – $3
  11. Spend 100 Cartman Coins in Cartman’s shop – $3
  12. Defeat 10 Single player levels – $5
  13. Kill 100 Enemies with your phone zap – $5


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