South Park Phone Destroyer How to change Outfits

How to change outfits in South Park Phone Destroyers

When playing South Park Phone Destroyer, you will quite often unlock new clothing items and outfits for your character. These go great with customising your character, you can also change the colour of the items you are wearing.

Follow the steps below to change your outfit in the South Park Phone Destroyer mobile game.

south park phone destroyer open the menu in the top rght

Open the in-game menu by selecting the icon in the top right of the screen.

south park phone destroyer select the outfits button

From the menu, choose the ‘Outfits’ button.

south park phone destroyer choose your outfit and change the coloursSelect your outfit. You can choose between hats and outfits. Use the colour palette icon located in the bottom right of the screen to change the colour of your outfit.


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