Spider-Man: Guide for Beating Kingpin Fisk


GamingSpider-Man: Guide for Beating Kingpin Fisk

Fisk is the first villain that you come across in Marvels Spider-Man for PS4. He’s more of an introductory character, who is there to help you learn a load of the in-games abilities and moves.

Saying that, he can be difficult to beat at first. Mainly because he has a few mechanics and moves of his own that you need to consider. Getting to Fisk might take a while, as he is heavily guarded and you have a few side missions to do beforehand.

Below, you can check out our guide which consists of tips and tricks for taking down Fisk! Whilst we have more content available for Spider-Man, found here.

Destroy the Turrets

As soon as you find Fisk, he’ll lock himself behind some glass, making it impossible for you to get to him. After a small cut scene, two turrets will be activated and will constantly fire at you. Whilst the in-game prompts tell you what to do, we thought we’d remind you.

Web up the turrets by pressing R1. It’s best to do this whilst they are on a cool-down period. Once webbed up, you can hold L1 and R1 to remove the turret and throw it towards Fisk, breaking the glass. You’ll need to do this one at a time.

Once the glass is broken, Fisk will charge at you.

Fight Fisk

Now that Fisk is out in the open, it’s time to actually fight him. Fisk is fast, and does some heavy hits. If he manages to punch you, he may take off around a quarter of your health each time. Use your Spidey-senses to dodge attacks, whilst you can also choose to swing around the room so he can’t catch you.

The easiest way to win against Fisk is to web him up constantly. You can see your web shooter ammunition in the top right corner of the screen. Use R1 to web him up, then triangle to do a melee attack towards him. This gives you a good opportunity to get some punches in.

web up fisk and fight him
Web up Fisk and attack

Do this repeatedly, whilst constantly jumping away after to avoid being hit. Once your web shooter is refilled, web him back up and go in again. Eventually, Fisk will throw you through a wall, taking you to the next part of the battle.

Finish the fight

Now you’ll be in the final stage of the battle. Not only will you be fighting Kingpin, but also some of his men at the same time. You’re really just doing what you did before, focus his men to get them out the fight. Especially the ones which have weapons.

Whilst you can constantly web up Fisk and hit him like you was before. You’ll trigger another mini cut scene, where you will have to perform some quick actions as you fall through the various floors of the building.

fisk webbed up and beat
Fisk defeated

Finally, you will have beaten Kingpin and completed your first mission in Spider-Man. You should have learnt about gadget sand some move combos that will help you in your next fights!

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