Spider-Man: Guide for Beating Shocker in the Bank

Guide for defeating Shocker


As you progress through the story in Spider-Man, you’ll receive a call from Yuri letting you know that Shocker has escaped. One of the guards released him whilst in some sort of strange trance.

You’ll need to head to the bank and confront Shocker, before attempting to stop him. It’s a pretty great boss fight and requires some quick thinking on your part. We saw some of the Shocker fight during E3.

Below, you can find our guide for taking out Shocker and winning this boss fight without dying! If you want to check out some more content for Marvel’s Spider-Man game, you can check out our area here.

Keep Swinging

Once you get into the main area of the bank where the fighting will happen, you’ll notice it’s quite circular in shape. That’s because you need to keep swinging round, constantly. Don’t drop to the ground because Shocker will pretty much kill you instantly.

Shocker is surrounded by a ball shaped shield, which you can’t fire through or get within combat range of. Therefor, you need to let shocker keep firing at you, which will slowly destroy the interior of the bank.

shocker inside a ball shield
Shocker protected by a shield

Use your Spidey Sense to keep dodging incoming attacks, whilst swinging around the bank to make you a harder target to hit. Eventually, Shocker will get tired and take a moment to rest. This is your time to attack!

Whilst Shocker is resting, grab some of the rubble that has fallen from the pillars or ceiling. You can do this by holding L1 and R1 on an object. Spider-Man will throw it at Shocker, destroying his shield. Now you have a small window to get close and get some punches in.

Finish the fight

You’ll have to do this a few times, and there’ll be some interesting dialogue between the two characters so listen out for it. Towards the end of the boss fight, you will need to bring down the giant ceiling chandelier on top of Shocker.

end of boss fight with trophy
End of the boss fight with trophy

This will end the boss fight, which you should hopefully have won without dying! You will receive the ‘Shock and Awe’ trophy too for completing the mission.

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