Spider-Man: How to Unlock New Moves & Abilities

Learn new combat abilities and moves


As you play through Marvel’s Spider-Man, you are able to upgrade Peter to do all sorts of new abilities and moves. You can do this in the skill tree, where there are 3 different trees to go down.

These are ‘Innovator’, ‘Defender’ and ‘Webslinger’. I personally went down the Webslinger tree first as it offered a lot of cool new moves to the game. Whilst the other trees focused more on defences.

Below, you can find our quick guide for unlocking new abilities and moves in Spider-Man. Whilst we have more content for the game available here.

Upgrading Spider-Man

To start, open up the game menu. You can do this by pressing in the touchpad on your controller. Use R1 to move over to the skills section. You can see the 3 different trees you can work your way down.

Hover over the abilities to see what potential they have. Most of the moves though are located under the ‘Webslinger’ tree.

upgrades list of abilities and moves
Upgrades List

Unlocking these abilities and upgrades will cost skill points, which you can acquire by levelling up. You’ll usually get a single skill point per level, whilst end game abilities will cost 2 points to level up.

After completing the first main mission where you fight Kingpin (Fisk), you are able to use 6 skill points straight away to unlock some new moves. When you’re ready, you can take a look at your new unlocks.

In the same menu, press R1 a few times to head over to the ‘Moves List’. In here, you can see all of the different combos you’ve unlocked and how you can use them in combat.

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