Stay safe in Fallout 4 with Settlement Radar Stations

Defend your settlements that little bit easier


Never know where your settlement is being attacked from in Fallout 4? Settlement Radar Stations can help! Created by Athelbras on Nexus Mods, this mod aims to continuously scan your settlement for enemies and alert you of their location on your map. Pretty neat.

About Settlement Radar Stations

These Radar Stations can be crafted in your own workshop, under the Defense > Turrets section. Although they don’t act as turrets at all. Once an enemy has walked within range of a radar station, you will simply be alerted as to where it is with a red diamond on your map.

Whilst this mod isn’t a ‘major’ mod for Fallout 4, it’s one of those ones that benefits the game in many ways. Sort of like a quality of life modification. What’s also great about this mod is how well it is modelled and animated, as the radar dish will rotate on it’s stand, not making it look like a useless object.

fallout 4 settlement radar station mod
A look at the standard Settlement Radar Station, compared to a large one in Fallout 4

The developer of this mod recommends that you place one of these in the centre of your settlement, as they use a circular radius. One of these will usually be enough for any settlement. However, larger settlements like Sanctuary will benefit from two, to cover the entire area.

If you’re someone who loves the settlement aspect of Fallout 4 (like me), this mod is definitely a good choice. Another note is that once a player has unloaded a cell containing a Radar Station, it will go into standby mode until they return.

How to install this mod

If you have used Nexus Mod Manager before, then you can install it automatically though that. Otherwise, you are best doing it manually.

  1. Head here and click ‘Manual Download’.
  2. Open your Fallout 4 installation directory. You can do this by going to Steam, right clicking Fallout 4 and choosing properties. Choose ‘Local files’, then ‘Browse local files’.
  3. Open the ZIP File and extract the contents to the Data folder in your Fallout 4 installation directory.
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