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If you’re like me, you probably take a lot of screenshots on Steam. I usually have to take them to use in articles on this site. Although they’re also great for posting pictures for friends to see and posting to local groups or communities. The difficult part is actually finding the save location folder for them.

The process for taking a screenshot is incredibly easy, by default it’s set to the F12 key on your keyboard. Although it’s possible that this could be different depending on your configuration. You can change the default key for taking screenshots by heading to the ‘In-Game’ tab inside the settings menu in Steam.

Below, we’re going to run you through on where screenshots are saved on your computer. This guide was specifically done on Windows 10, however the steps should be relatively similar for a Mac.

Access Screenshots through Steam Client

One of the first methods for accessing your screenshots is by doing it through the Steam Client. Find the game that you want to look at screenshots for, and click the camera icon.

The icon can be seen near the bottom left of the image below. I’m using the Metro Skin for Steam, but the process should be similar with the default skin.

steam client find screenshots
Open the screenshot explorer in the Steam Client

In the window that pops up, you can see all of the screenshots you currently have for the given game. You can choose to delete, upload and give your screenshots captions. However the option we want is ‘Show on Disk’, located in the bottom left.

show folder with steam screenshots
Choose ‘Show on Disk’

When choosing this option, a folder will open which will have all your Steam screenshots inside for that given game. By default, the location will just be in the same folder as your Steam installation. You can then go ahead and upload them to social media or just send them to friends.

Find the Screenshots folder manually

You can also find your saved screenshots folder manually. Although this task can be very difficult and time consuming. It’s highly recommended that you use the above method.

Navigate to the folder where your Steam installation is located, then head into the userdata folder. Inside there, find the account which is yours. The easiest way of finding screenshots would be by searching ‘screenshots’ in the top right corner, or searching .jpg

Here is the default location if Steam if on your C Drive and you are running a Windows setup.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\[USER ID]\760\remote\[GAME ID]\screenshots


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