Subnautica Below Zero: Where to find Creepvine Samples


GamingSubnautica Below Zero: Where to find Creepvine Samples

In Subnautica: Below Zero, there are a wide variety of resources you’ll need to find. Some of which are easier to come across than others. In this quick guide we’ll show you where to find Creepvine Samples and cover some items you’ll need it for.

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Foraging Creepvine Samples

These are easy to find, and hopefully, you’ve already come across them. To harvest this resource, you will need a knife which requires Creepvine Clusters. To find them, look for long green plants that reach from the floor to the top of the ocean. Approach and right click to swipe at the plant with your knife. This will cut off a piece and place it directly into your inventory.

Creepvine will be very useful when starting out. It can be used to make Fiber Mesh which plays a vital part in survival items. This is one of the vital resources you’ll need at the beginning of the game. So be sure to track down a source early on, as you’ll be coming back to it regularly.