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GamingSurviving the Aftermath Controls For PC & Xbox One

There’s quite a lot of controls that you should know about in Surviving the Aftermath. Although to be truthful, most of the game is playable on PC simply by using your mouse and clicking. 

In this article, we’re going to show you all the controls for the game on both PC and Xbox One. Here at PwrDown, we’ve covered some more content when it comes to Surviving the Aftermath, including guides and best-of lists.

PC Controls

Below, you can see all of the controls for Surviving the Aftermath when playing with a mouse and keyboard. Mouse bindings aren’t included, but you can typically move around by using the LMB, RMB and scroll wheel.

These bindings can also be seen from the settings menu. There, you can set your own custom bindings, or restore to the default buttons as shown below.

ItemDefault Keys
PanW, A, S, D
Rotate CameraQ, E
Center to ColonyC
Rotate StructuresR
Pause TimeSPACE
Game Speed1, 2, 3
Build MenuB
Tutorials MenuH
Radio MenuJ
Statistics MenuU
Specialists MenuG
Research MenuY
Trade MenuT
World MapM
Highlight Living EntitiesL
Toggle Pollution MapP

Xbox One Controls

If you’re using an Xbox One controller, then you can’t change any of the bindings or settings. Instead, you’ll have to use the keys which are already assigned.

Xbox Controller Scheme

You can access these controls from the main menu too. You’ll see a diagram like the image above, showing each button.

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