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The Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft

In this post, we’re going to take a look at the Best Enchantments available for Swords in Minecraft. Whilst you can enchant any sword (even wood), it’s always recommended to stick to Diamond, as enchanting can be expensive, costing both levels and Lapis Lazuli.

Enchantments you receive are random, so you might need to re-roll a few times to get exactly what you want. You can strip Enchantments at a Grindstone, or by merging two of the same items in a Crafting Table (two Diamond Swords for example). 

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How to Enchant a Sword

To start enchanting your sword, you will require an Enchanting Table. This costs 2 Diamonds and 5 Obsidian to make, so it’s a relatively mid-game item. You’ll actually need 5 Diamonds unless you already have a Diamond Pickaxe. Once crafted, surround the Enchanting Table in 15 Bookcases, which will allow you to unlock the highest level enchantments.

enchantment table sword
Enchanting a Sword in the Enchantment Table

If you own any Enchanted Books, these can be combined with your Sword inside an Anvil. Just put them both together, you’ll also have the opportunity to rename your Sword here. Some Enchantments aren’t compatible together.

Best Sword Enchantments

Here’s a list of the Best Sword Enchantments in Minecraft, with the order in which you should try and get them:

  1. Sharpness (V): Adding Sharpness will increase the amount melee damage your sword will deal. At the first level, Sharpness adds 1 damage then 0.5 for each additional level. On Bedrock Edition, it’s 1.25 damage per level. Can not be obtained through the Enchanting Table.
  2. Looting (III): Looting will cause killed mobs to drop more loot, but not experience. Not only does it increase the amount of drops, but the chances of receiving rarer drops by 5.5% at the maximum level. Great for farming resources such as Gun Powder.
  3. Fire Aspect (II): When you hit an enemy with your sword, it will set them alight, dealing fire damage to them. There are only two levels to this enchantment, with each one adding 4 seconds of burn time. Killing mobs that drop meat will make them drop cooked meat instead, which is incredibly useful for collecting food.
  4. Unbreaking (III): Unbreaking increases the durability on your sword, making it last much longer before it breaks. It does this by reducing the chance of it losing durability when being used. At level 3, it will make the sword last around 43% longer.
  5. Mending (I): When you collect experience orbs, they will go towards repairing your sword instead of the experience bar. This, combined with Unbreaking will effectively give you an unbreakable sword. This is a Treasure Enchantment, so must be found.
  6. Sweeping Edge (III): Increases the amount of damage dealt by Sweep Attacks (a sweep attack is when the attack meter is fully charged). For each level, the damage will be increased by 50%/67%/75%.
  7. Bane of Arthropods (V): This Enchantment will increase the amount of damage that you deal to arthropod mobs in Minecraft. These include Spiders, Bees, Silverfish and Endermites. For each level, you will deal an additional 2.5 hearts of damage to these mobs.
  8. Smite (V): Smite increases the amount of damage you deal to undead mobs. These include Skeletons, Zombies, Withers, Wither Skeletons, Zombie Pigmen, Skeleton Horses, Strays, Husks, Phantoms and Drowned. For each level, you will deal an additional 2.5 damage. 
  9. Knockback (II): Strike an enemy or mob with your sword and they will be knocked back a fair distance. For each level, the entity will be knocked back an additional 3 blocks, with the highest amount being 8 blocks. Mostly useful against Creepers.

How to Get Treasure Enchantments

Treasure Enchantments are those which can’t be obtained through the Enchantment Table. In the case of a Sword, Sharpness and Mending are both Treasure Enchantments, which is a shame as these are two of the best sword enchantments available.

The easiest way to obtain them would be through trading. You can speak to a Libarian if a Village has one, or set one up yourself by creating a place for one to work. As you level up the Librarian by trading with them, they will begin selling Enchanted Books which you can use, which will hopefully be Mending or Sharpness.

minecraft dungeon
A Dungeon, where Enchanted Books might spawn

Otherwise, you can search loot chests, which can be found in locations like Villages, Temples and Dungeons. There is a small chance for these books to spawn there. Finally, they can be obtained randomly by fishing, but the chances are low.

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