The Forest Cheats Guide & How to Use Them

the forest cheats and commands

The Forest is one of the scariest and most gruelling survival games out there.Thankfully, there are a lot of cheats out there that make the game even more enjoyable and provide a more fun experience.

In The Forest, cheats are done in the form of console commands. There are hundreds of different commands and cheats available, changing many features of the game.

There are cheats which regrow trees, make you invulnerable and remove enemy mutants. Below, we have a guide for enabling the console as well as inputting commands into the console.

Enabling the Console in The Forest

Entering most console commands and cheats require the console, which must be activated manually. To use the console, head to the main menu in The Forest and just type developermodeon.

Nothing will appear on the screen to let you know that the console has been enabled. You can press F1 to see if the console actually opens up. If it doesn’t, make sure that you have cheats enabled in the games settings.

Best Cheats & Commands

There are a lot of commands available that can be entered into the console. However, only some are actually useful to players. Below, we will list some of the best and most popular cheats. The Forest Wiki has a more in depth list.

Remember, press F1 to open the console, and input the commands below into it. Hit enter to execute them. Some commands can ruin your save or disable achievements, so be cautious. Many commands also have an on/off variant, if I mention ‘on’ below, it also can be turned off.

  • buildermode on – Survival mode & Enemies will be disabled. Godmode and build hack will be enabled.
  • faststart on – Skips the plane crash scene at the start of the game.
  • godmode on – Enables god-mode, which removes all survival features, immune to damage and makes you immortal.
  • buildhack on – Provides unlimited resources and allows you to build quicker.
  • addallitems – Fills your inventory with every item in the game, except story items. Use addallstoryitems to add story items too.
  • survival on – Enables/disables survival mode, removing the urge to eat & drink.
  • save – Saves the game instantly
  • killallenemies – Will instantly kill all enemy cannibals and mutants, although they can re-spawn at a later point.
  • enemies on – Enables/disables enemies in the game. Essentially vegan mode
  • forcerain sunny – Changes the weather to be sunny
  • cutdowntrees 10¬†– Will cut down 10 trees, alternatively, you can can use a different number or even percentages.
  • speedyrun on – Makes your player move super fast, although you can take heavy damage and potentially die..
  • setdifficultymode peaceful – Changes the mode to peaceful, alternatively, you can set it to normal, hard, hardsurvival, standard or creative.
  • timescale 0 – Pauses the game time, press ESC twice to cancel.
  • lightingtimeofdayoverride morning¬†– Sets the time of day to morning, change morning to noon, sunset or night.


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