The Forest: How to get Bones

the forest how to get bones

Bones are a normal material in The Forest, much like sticks. They can also be used as melee weapons, but deal little damage. In this post, we’ll show you where to find bones in The Forest.

Bones are mostly obtained from killing cannibals, therefor playing on peaceful mode may make this task more difficult. When playing on Peaceful mode, there are no cannibals at all of course. Therefor you’ll have to resort to randomly finding them in locations such as caves.

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How to get Bones in The Forest

The easiest way to obtain bones would be by cooking or burning Cannibals. What I personally recommend is killing a cannibal, either with a Bow & Arrow or other weapon, then burning the body.

To burn it, create a Molotov Cocktail by combining some booze with a piece of cloth in your inventory. Throw the Molotov at the body, and it should burn up providing you with 6 bones. If this method is a bit difficult for you, it’s probably much easier to just throw it on a campfire.

the forest Molotov burning
Setting an enemy on fire with a Molotov

Let the bodies burn out, slowly they’ll become charred. Eventually, they will disappear and drop some bones as well as a skull. Of course, this is probably the easiest way to get Bones in The Forest.

cannibal burning for bones in the forest
Retrieving bones from burning a Cannibal

There are a few other methods for obtaining Bones, such as

  1. Finding them scattered around the Cannibal camps, as well as inside caves.
  2. Leave Cannibal limbs to over-cook or over-dry on the Drying Rack.
  3. Knocking down Cannibal Effigies, then burning the retrieved limbs.

Bones have a few important uses, with the first being the creation of the upgraded Spear and Bone Armor. Some blueprints will also require bones such as Bone fences, chair and the chandelier. It’s possible to craft a Bone Basket which you can store all of your bones inside.


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