The Forest: How to make Rope


As soon as you want to start building more complex items in The Forest such as beds, you might have a hard time. Rope can be hard to find at first, but luckily it has a crafting recipe. In this guide, we’re going to show you how to make Rope in The Forest.

First off, you can either craft it or find it. That part is up to you. It is quite expensive to craft, so you may want to resort to finding some at the start of the game.

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Finding Rope

A few locations on the map have rope lying around. The most common being mutant camps. These camps can be dangerous to visit, as you may run into some cannibals here who’ll attack on sight.

mutant camp rope hanging in the forest
Rope hanging from the ceiling in a cannibal camp

However if you don’t see any, you can go inside and explore the tents. You can find some bodies hanging, as well as nooses. You can dismantle these nooses to get 1 piece of rope from each one.

This is one of the easier ways to get Rope in The Forest without having to spend a lot of materials crafting it. You can also search other locations such as the Yacht just off the coast, or boats that are destroyed on land.

rope on top of a yacht
On top of the Yacht, just off the coast

Crafting Rope

If some areas are just way too dangerous for you to venture too, you may wish to craft rope instead. Unfortunately, it’s quite expensive, costing 7 pieces of cloth for 1 piece of rope. Combine the 7 pieces of cloth inside your backpack.

combining 7 cloth to make a piece of ropeObviously, cloth can have more important uses such as Molotovs, which can be used to harvest bones from cannibals. Cloth can’t be crafted in the-game, making it one of the most needed items in the game. Once you’re out, you are going to struggle to find more. Therefor I recommend you don’t use it to create rope unless it’s urgent.



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