They Are Billions: How to Destroy, Remove & Demolish Buildings


Removing & Demolishing Buildings in They Are Billions

If you’re not happy with the position of a building you have created in They Are Billions, or maybe want to move it, you’re going to need to demolish/destroy/remove it. You can do this in a similar way to how you repair buildings.

Destroying a building in They Are Billions is a simple task You will receive 50% of the original resources used to create it returned to you upon doing so. Buildings also can’t be destroyed whilst there are enemies nearby.

To begin destroying a building, locate it on your screen and select it. You can look around using the arrow keys on your keyboard, or moving the mouse to the sides of the screen.

they are billions destroy buildings
Select the building you want to destroy and hit the bulldozer icon









Have your building selected that you want to remove. In the interface at the bottom of the screen, select the bulldozer icon. There is no confirmation or warning when removing a building. So make sure it’s definitely something you wish to do, as there is no going back.

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