They Are Billions: How to get more land, expand your base & area


How to get more land in They Are Billions

When you first start off in They Are Billions, you are left with a small bit of land around your Command Center. You will find yourself needing to expand your area and base quite quickly. Expanding your base will mean you have more area to build inside of, and access to more resources. Some important resources that you will find by expanding are mines, forests and lakes which help you gather more items.

However with there being no quick tutorial in the game currently, expanding your area can be quite confusing.

To start expanding your land in They Are Billions, you need to craft a Tesla Tower. Then can be found under the ‘Energy’ category when constructing. Tesla Towers require 1 worker, 10 wood and 200 gold.

They Are Billions how to expand land build a tesla tower
Start by building a Tesla tower from the energy section

After crafting a Tesla Tower, you will need to find somewhere to place it. Your best bet would be to place it as close to the edge as you can, helping it to reveal a larger area. On the image below, you can see the green square where I have chosen to place mine.

They Are Billions how to expand land place the tesla tower near the edge of your world
Place it close to the edge of your world

After the Tesla Tower has finished being constructed in They Are Billions, you will find that the amount of land you have access to and can see has expanded. However you may need to build energy to these area in order to build there.

They Are Billions how to expand land expand your land
Once you’ve placed the tower, your land will have expanded

Keep building more Tesla Towers to reveal more areas as you begin to progress through the game.

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