They Are Billions: Beginner guide, Tips & Tricks for surviving


GamingThey Are Billions: Beginner guide, Tips & Tricks for surviving

Guide for They Are Billions

They Are Billions can be a bit confusing at first. Therefor I recommend that you go for the easiest difficulty until you get the hang of things. The easiest difficulty consists of the most amount of days, which seems like it would be harder. However this is easier because it means attacks are more spread out, giving you more time to build and prepare.

More tips can be found in game by heading into the menu and choosing ‘Help’.

Beginner tips

  1. To start building, you will need to do so from the Command Center. Start by selecting it to see the building options located at the bottom of the screen. See Base Building, Demolishing and Repairing.
  2. You can pause and un-pause the game. Either press Space, or hit the pause button located in the bottom left. Doing so allows you to plan out your base and prepare for any incoming attacks.
  3. To expand your land and unlock more areas, use Tesla Towers. Placing Tesla Towers at the edge of your base in They Are Billions allows you to see more areas and build.
  4. The game is over as soon as your Command Center is destroyed. Therefor try and protect it with walls and soldiers. However, if the infected attack buildings in your base, colonists and workers will also become infected.
  5. Buildings need to be built next to their respective locations. For example, saw mills near trees and fisherman cottages near water. You can also see the amount of resources it will bring in dependant on the area before placing.


  1. By default, the controls are most likely set to use the arrow keys to look around. By heading into the options, you can change them to WASD which I find much easier.
  2. When holding left click, drag your cursor to select & highlight multiple buildings which can be group repaired or demolished.
  3. Double clicking on a building will select all other buildings of that type. For example, double clicking a tent will select all other tents.
  4. Pressing Enter will quickly open the Command Center, allowing you to build more items.
  5. Meanwhile, pressing Space will allow you to pause and resume time.
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