They Are Billions: How to Rotate Gates


How to rotate in They Are Billions

When stacking up your defences in They Are Billions, one thing you might be looking at building is gates. These can be wrapped around your command centre or other structures which are quite the obstacle against infected.

However, when placing a gate, you may find it’s in the wrong direction. Thankfully, this can easily be fixed.

First off, begin placing the gate like any other object in They Are Billions. As you can see on the screenshot below, it’s 3 blocks wide and currently going horizontally along the map.

We Are Billions how to rotate gates
Begin placing the gate in They Are Billions

To rotate the gate in the other direction, simply press ‘TAB’ on your keyboard. Again, on the screenshot below, you can see it’s now vertical.

We Are Billions how to rotate gates press TAB to rotate
To rotate the gate, press TAB on your keyboard

You might have missed the tooltip that can be seen above the interface at the bottom of the screen. It states ‘TIP: Use the TAB key for rotating this structure’. Check out some more of our current They Are Billions content here.

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