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GamingTop 10 Best Artifacts in Minecraft Dungeons

There are a lot of artifacts currently available in Minecraft Dungeons, with more coming in future updates. Artifacts are essentially weapons/abilities which offer many different effects from healing, being able to walk through mobs or causing huge explosions.

With so many to choose from, it’s hard to know which artifacts are actually good, and which ones you should be grinding towards. In this list, we’ve put together the top 10 artifacts currently available in Minecraft Dungeons.

Boots of Swiftness

Boots blessed with enchantments to allow for swift movements. Useful in uncertain times such as these.

Boots of Swiftness is a very useful artifact to have in Minecraft Dungeons. Once activated, it will give a short boost of movement speed to the player, allowing them to get out of sticky situations. It’s not only a life-saver, but also makes travelling around the map much simpler.

Boots of Swiftness can be obtained from reward chests in Creeper Woods, Creeper Crypt and Desert Temple. There’s also a chance for the Wandering Trader to sell you these boots.

Death Cap  Mushroom

Eaten by daring warriors before battle, the Death Cap Mushroom drives fighters into a frenzy.

Our next artifact is the Death Cap Mushroom. Similar to Boots of Swiftness, it gives some positive buffs to the player. When used, it will massively increase both your attack damage and movement speed. It’s especially useful when heading into a boss fight and you need to take down the enemies health faster!

Ghost Cloak

The souls trapped within the Ghost Cloak are protective, but they radiate a sense of melancholy.

The Ghost Cloak is an artifact which will change your movement in Minecraft Dungeons. Once activated, you will be able to walk through enemy mobs and absorb some damage. It’s a good choice if you constantly find yourself being surrounded by mobs with no way to escape.

Ghost Cloak can be obtained from the Creepy Crypts and Obsidian Pinnacle.

Golem Kit

Iron Golems have always protected the Villagers of the Overworld. Their numbers are dwindling as a result of the Arch-Illager’s war.

When you use the Golem Kit artifact, an Iron Golem will be summoned to fight alongside you, similar to the Tasty Bone artifact where you can summon a wolf. However Iron Golems are much stronger, and can take more damage before dying.

The easiest way to obtain a Golem Kit is by completing Pumpkin Pastures on Apocalypse difficulty. There is also a chance for the Wandering Trader to sell you it on the higher difficulties.

Iron Hide Amulet

The Iron Hide Amulet is both ancient and timeless. Sand mysteriously and endlessly slips through the cracks in the iron.

The Iron Hide Amulet is another artifact in Minecraft Dungeons which gives you some defence bonuses. When used, it reduces all damage taken by around 50% for a short time, helping you survive more difficult battles. 

Love Medallion

A spell radiates from this trinket, enchanting those nearby into a trance where they must protect the holder of the medallion at all costs.

When using the Love Medallion artifact, up to three enemy hostile mobs will become allies, and attack other enemies within the area. This effect will last for 10 seconds, after which the allies will disappear. It’s most useful for when you’re struggling to deal with a large amount of mobs surrounding you.

You can get the Love Medallion artifact by playing Highblock Halls or Underhalls secret level in the Adventure Mode difficulty or higher.

Totem of Shielding

This totem radiates powerful energy that bursts forth as a protective shield around those near it.

The Totem of Shielding artifact can help the player out in certain situations with projectiles. When activated, it will create a bubble-like shield which will defend from projectiles. Any projectiles that hit the shield will simply bounce off, although enemies can still pass through it. It’s not going to be useful all the time, but is certainly one to consider having.

Totem of Regeneration

If you’re wanting to play a support-like roll in Minecraft Dungeons, then you’re definitely going to want the Totem of Regeneration artifact. When activated, it will create a circle around the player which will heal yourself, as well as any allies inside. I use it in my own playthrough to heal friends whenever necessary.

You can obtain the Totem of Regeneration in Soggy Swamp and Fiery Forge. Occasionally, the Wandering Trader may also have it for sale.

Torment Quiver

The Torment Quiver radiates powerful energy drawn from the eternal source of the Undead.

Unlike normal arrows and other bow-related artifacts, the Torment Quiver allows arrows to shoot through walls which is incredibly useful and powerful. You’ll now be able to hit enemies from all sorts of angles. As well as going through walls, it will also apply a slow and knock back effect onto hit enemies.

To get the Torment Quiver, complete the Desert Temple and Creeper Woods levels on Adventure & Apocalypse. Wandering Trader’s will also sell this artifact occasionally. 

Corrupted Beacon

The Corrupted Beacon holds immense power within. It waits for the moment to unleash its wrath.

The final artifact to make this list is the Corrupted Beacon. When activated, it will fire a high-powered beam which will continuously damage hostile mobs around you. It doesn’t have a cooldown, but does require souls to activate, with each tick of damage dealing around 10% of the mobs health.

You can get the Corrupted Beacon artifact from the reward chests in Cacti Canyon, Pumpkin Pastures and the Redstone Mines. The Wandering Trader also has a chance of selling it.

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