Top 10 Best Fallout 4 Adult Mods for Xbox One


GamingTop 10 Best Fallout 4 Adult Mods for Xbox One

In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the best adult mods currently available for Fallout 4 on the Xbox One. These mods are NSFW, and only recommended for 18+. These are mods that might add nudity, change body shapes or add new outfits to the game.

Bethesda do actually have a policy to uphold, and they don’t allow full nudity mods on their website. So finding mods like that for Xbox One is close to impossible. There are only mods available which change underwear, that’s the closest you’ll get.

All the links below link back to where you can download them on your Xbox One. For more Fallout 4 guides and mod lists on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, make sure to check out our dedicated area here!

Busty EV

Our first adult mod for Fallout 4 on Xbox One is Busty EV, which is a body replacer. It replaces the mesh of the female character in-game, increasing the bust size. Busty works alongside most vanilla armor and clothing items too. Once installed, you should head to a surgeon in Diamond City to change your bust size. The mod will take effect not just on your own character, but all other female characters including companions and NPCs. 

Slooty Vault Suit

Next up is Slooty Vault Suit, a mod which makes changes to the Vault 111 suit. After installing this mod, head to a Chemistry Station where you will find 3 new armor items you can craft under ‘Utility’. These are the Vanilla Vault 111 Suit, then the 2 ‘Slooty’ variants. You will find them in the signature blue color, and one that is red and black, shown on the screenshot above.

Classy Chassis Replacer Outfits

Classy Chassis Replacer Outfits, also known as CCO aims to make a lot of Vanilla outfits in Fallout 4 be ‘sexy, yet still immersive’. So far, it’s overhauled 65 outfits in the game. The mod works with most characters and NPCs from Settlers, Raiders, Brotherhood of Steel and even the Institute. Included are 3 editions, which are Saucy Settlers, Vulgar Villains and Foxy Factions, and you’ll also need to install CBBE Curvy. 

Pampas – CBBE Curvy

Pampas is a mod that’s been ported from PC to Xbox One. It adds 10 new Bodysuits to Fallout 4, 3 Belts, 3 Jackets, 8 Hair Bangs, 2 Gloves, 1 Pair of Boots and 1 Hat. There are also 18 different armor variations when it you use an armor workbench, with 8 of them being faction themed and the other 10 being different colors. When you’re ready to start crafting these items, head to a Chemistry Workbench.

JC Bikini

This next adult mod changes the textures of the underwear for your Fallout 4 characters. It’s not a mesh, and simply a texture replacer so this is what your character looks like when nude. It’s designed to work with CBBE, replacing the NeverNude underwear from that mod. The color of the Bikini is black, with no other color options available as the developer believes they break immersion and don’t fit in the game world.

Armored Underwear

Armored Underwear adds some new craftable items to Fallout 4, which are obviously Underwear. These items are designed for those of you who want your character to appear semi-nude, or your companions. The underwear items can have their base stats upgraded to provide defences, meaning now you can explore the Commonwealth semi-nude and not take much damage! They’re available for both male and female characters.

Girly Animations

A good mod to accompany those in this list is Girly Animations. It overhauls and completely changes many animations in Fallout 4 to be more feminine. These include running, walking, jumping, sneaking, attacking and more. This mod will also effect the physics slightly, making the animations also seem more realistic. Not only will it work on your character, but also on other NPC’s in the game.

Thicc Female Body Preset

Another body preset mod is this one, called the ‘Thicc Female Body Preset’. The developer of this mod states that it replaces the players body so that it has ‘thicc hips, skinny arms, bigger chest and a smaller waist’. It’s also compatible with some other body mods out there. After installing this mod, you pay need to pay the Surgeon in Diamond City a visit.

Valkyr Female Body Textures

Our next Fallout 4 Adult mod is Valkyr Female Body Textures Replacer. Originally a PC Mod, it’s been ported and modified for Xbox One. It replaces the skin textures for all characters in Fallout 4 to something more realistic. However, with this version, there is also a texture replacer for underwear, this time turning it into a bikini as you can see above. This is the closest you’ll get to nudity in Fallout 4 on Xbox One.

Birthday Suit

Our final Fallout 4 Adult mod is ‘Birthday Suit’. This mod adds a new item to the game called Birthday Suit, which you can either equip onto yourself or other NPC’s. What it does is hides the outfit of whoever it’s equipped on, allowing them to be semi-nude. Place it in your companions inventory and equip it on them and they’ll be left in their underwear. Also works on settlers.

That’s it for this list! Hopefully you found an adult mod that works well for your Fallout 4 play-through. Make sure to check out some more Fallout 4 content here at PwrDown.

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