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Through this list, where going to take a look at the best Crafting mods currently available for Fallout 4 on the PS4. These are mods which you will mostly use when it comes to crafting weapons and armor. We won’t actually include new weapons and armor in this list though, or settlement mods as these will have their own lists here at PwrDown. 

Unfortunately, PS4 players have it the worst when it comes to modding Fallout 4. Due to heavy restrictions by Sony, no external assets are allowed to be used, meaning no new models, textures, sounds etc. This means it’s hard to find a lot of great mods that we usually see on Xbox and PC. 

The mods in this list are in no particular order, and all the buttons below link back to where you can download them on your PS4. Here at PwrDown, we’ve covered many more lists like this for Fallout 4 PS4 Mods!

Legendary Modification

Legendary Modification is a must-have mod to anyone who loves crafting and upgrading their items in Fallout 4. What this mod allows you to do is attach any legendary modification to an armor or weapon item, making them a lot more powerful. Currently, you can only apply these legendary modifications onto weapons or armor items that accept them normally. 


Next up is FreeMaker, which allows you to craft any item for free. It completely removes any material or perk requirements needed. It’s a huge cheat mod overall, with it offering a few more features such as the ability to craft any material for free at a Chemistry Station with other features like being able to spawn NPCs in the game world. 

Unified Clothing Overhaul

Unified Clothing Overhaul, also known as UCO adds many new features into Fallout 4. All armor items can now be upgraded with Ballistic Weave, layer armor items to increase stats, change color of most items including Power Armor and PipBoys, apply an ‘invisible armor’ modification, swap legendary modifications around, craft most in-game items including unobtainable items and even be able to wear Synth and Alien costumes. It offers a lot.

Unlimited Resource Shipment

Unlimited Resource Shipment is another cheat mod available for Fallout 4 on the PS4. Head to a workshop, and there will be a new craftable item which is a Resource Shipment. Craft it, and 99999 of each resource will be added to your inventory, inevitably giving you the ability to craft any item for free. Although there are some other mods which do a better job by enabling free crafting anyway.

Unlock Ballistic Weave

Next up, this mod is a cheat which removes the requirements of completing a certain quest-line to unlock Ballistic Weave. Ballistic Weave is some much needed end-game content which massively increases the defence stats of your armor, so having it at an earlier point is very useful. However it doesn’t change the cost/perk requirements of using Ballistic Weave.

Craft Maxson’s Battlecoat

Elder Maxson’s Battlecoat is one of those items in Fallout 4 that we all want, but can’t obtain. There’s only one way to get it, and that’s by killing Elder Maxson. This mod changes that, and allows you to craft the Coat under the Chemistry Station, specifically under the Clothing section. The Battlecoat can even be upgraded using Ballistic Weave to increase the stats.

Custom Paint for Power Armor

This next mod adds 26 new paint jobs for the Power Armor in Fallout 4 which can be crafted at a Power Armor workstation. They work with all armor including the X01, T60, T51, and T45. Luckily, the developer chose to make crafting these free, whilst still adding defence stats. If you want to use this mod, you’ll need to have the Far Harbor DLC.


Laundromat is a mod that adds two new functions to a Chemistry Workstation, which are ‘Laundromat Cleaning’ and ‘Laundromat Dirtying’. Using the cleaning feature will allow you to turn dirty clothes into clean ones, as long as you have some Abraxo and Purified Water. Whilst you can make them dirty instead by using Dirty Water, it’s just an immersive way to clean dirty variants of your items.

Craft Your Own Robot

As you’d expect, this next mod allows you to craft your own Robots (from Protectrons all the way up to Liberty Prime) at your settlement. They can be crafted from the Turrets section in the Workshop, and require the Automatron DLC. These Robots will help defend your Settlements, as well as its Settlers from any attacks.

Armor & Keywords Community Resource

Finally, we have AWKCR, probably one of the most well known Fallout 4 mods available (because it’s required by so many other mods). This mod does way too much to go into detail about, but some of the main things are that it adds a standardized framework for armor and cosmetics keywords, prevents conflicts between armor items, adds a new armor and weapons workbench and much more.

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