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There are plenty of immersion mods available for Fallout 4. These mods typically aim to make the game more realistic in many ways, such as by changing the behavior of companions or how items work in-game. In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the Best Immersion Mods currently available for Fallout 4 on PS4. 

Unfortunately, PS4 players have it the worst when it comes to modding Fallout 4. Due to heavy restrictions by Sony, no external assets are allowed to be used, meaning no new models, textures, sounds etc. This means it’s hard to find a lot of great mods that we usually see on Xbox and PC. 

The mods in this list are in no particular order, and all the buttons below link back to where you can download them on your PS4. Here at PwrDown, we’ve covered many more lists like this for Fallout 4 PS4 Mods!

Stronger Dogmeat

First up, we have Stronger Dogmeat. Annoyingly, Dogmeat is one of the most favourable companions in Fallout 4, but also the weakest. This mod changes Dogmeats DPS (damage per second) from 1-2, all the way up to 58 DPS. Using this mod will make Dogmeat much more realistic and immersive, there’s a reason German Shepherds are used in K9 units for their strength!

Water Redux

Water Redux completely overhauls the Water sources in Fallout 4, making them more realistic and immersive. It brings more variation to water, making some appear cleaner, and some dirtier. The observable depths of the water has been changed too, to make some bodies of water appear deeper and shallower in-game. 


If you’re one of the many Fallout 4 players who love to design settlements and houses, then OCDecorator will help you out a lot. It allows you to precisely place objects from your inventory into the game world as static objects. This means they can’t be moved, knocked over by companions or despawned. In general, the mod takes decorating to a whole new immersive way. 

No Build Limit

When building settlements in Fallout 4, there is a build limit which can be found in the top left corner of the screen whilst in build-mode. It’s assumed that this is in place to prevent lag and bugs from placing too many items. The No Build Limit mod simply removes this limit, and allows you to place as many items as you wish, although a bug/lag free experience isn’t guaranteed.

Weather Redux

Weather Redux is an immersive weather modification for Fallout 4 on PS4. It adds a few new storms, including heavy varieties of rain, fog and radiation storms. There is also Plasma Storms, Dust Storms and Thunder Storms. To compliment these new systems, the amount of time a storm will be active has been increased, and nights are made slightly darker.

Immersive Gameplay 5

Immersive Gameplay is an overhaul mod for Fallout 4. It makes many changes to the game, including slower levelling, more enemies, calibre based damage, new ammunition types and much more. Overall, it will make Fallout 4 a much more challenging, but realistic and immersive experience.

Minutemen Watchtowers

After the fall of the minutemen, their watchtowers have been left throughout the Commonwealth, now vacant. There are 9 in total, with each one offering small bits of lore and loot for the player. They’re a great addition to the Minutemen faction, and help show how they protected the Commonwealth before their fall.

Plenty o’ Exploration

The developer of Plenty ‘o Exploration states that they found themselves disappointed with the amount of boarded up locations in Fallout 4. So they went ahead and aimed to make the game more immersive, by adding many new locations for you to explore! In total, the Plenty o’ Exploration mod adds 9 new interiors (with most being located in Concord) and 7 exterior locations for you to stumble upon.

Pip-Boy Brighter Flashlight

This mod simply adjusts the flashlight on your Pip-Boy, making it much brighter. It also adds some sound effects for turning the flashlight on and off. Using this mod alongside any mods that make the nights darker is a great way to increase the immersion in Fallout 4, whilst also making exploring at night more enjoyable.

Prewar Preperation

Our final immersion mod for Fallout 4 is Prewar Preparation. It has a lot to offer, including a basement under the player home which your character fully stocked just before the bombs fell. Inside, you’ll find a double bed, plenty of storage space, food and purified water, gun cases, weapons, crafting workbenches, armor (shown above) and a little more. In general, the mod just gives you a bit of a realistic head-start. 

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