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Fallout 4Fallout 4 ModsBest Fallout 4 Immersion Mods for Xbox One

In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the Best mods for Immersion in Fallout 4. What these mods aim to do is hopefully make Fallout 4 feel more realistic, not by changing the graphics, but more by changing mechanics, the game world and the NPCs around you.

All the links below link back to where you can download them on your Xbox One. If you want to read more articles like this, make sure to check out our complete list of Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One!

See Through Scopes

see through scopes

As you’d expect, See Through Scopes adds new Scopes to Fallout 4 which you can see through, with them being called Combat Scopes. These scopes come in a short and medium variant, and are suitable with most vanilla weapons such as the Hunting Rifle, Laser Rifle, Combat Rifle and 10MM Pistol. After installing the mod, run the settings Holotape in your Pip-Boy to configure most of the mods settings.

Green in the Commonwealth

The Commonwealth is a very dead space, as you’d expect after the nuclear fallout. However, install ‘Green in the Commonwealth’ and the wasteland will feel alive again. You’ll find green grass everywhere, trees, flowers and shrubs which can help the world feel more immersive, and beautiful too. 

Visible Galaxy 4K

After a few hundred years, you’d expect the light pollution to have mostly disappeared and for the stars in the sky to be more visible again. Installing this mod changes that, allowing you to see the Milky Way Galaxy in the night sky, in impressive 4K textures. It certainly helps with immersion and makes the world feel more alive.

Realistic Sounds

Instead of changing the appearance of Fallout 4, this mod changes the sounds. It adds an additional reverberation effect to around half of the games sounds. Some of the biggest changes it makes is to effect how bullets and explosions sound, especially in the distance with how they echo and ricochet. You can configure the reverberation amount in the settings menu. 

Sim Settlements

If you’re not a fan of building Settlements in Fallout 4, then this mods a great choice. Why should your settlers sit around homeless, waiting for you to return and build them the facilities they need? With Sim Settlements, now Settlers will build their own homes, stores and other necessary structures. All you have to do is set up zones, which tell the Settlers where they can build.

Holstered Weapons

Next up is Holstered Weapons. You can holster weapons onto both female and male characters in different locations. Once installed, these Holstered Weapons can be crafted at a chemistry station, or bought from a vendor near Concord. Currently, you can holster the 10MM, rifle and shotgun, with them appearing on your thigh, back or side. This mod just makes Fallout feel a little more immersive due to you now being able to store weapons in a realistic way.


If you play Survival mode in Fallout 4, then this mod is a must-have. As you’d expect, Campsite allows you to create camps anywhere in the Wasteland. You can set up tents to sleep in, cooking stations to craft at, sleeping bags, lanterns, cloth walls and even a bed for Dogmeat. Using Campsite will increase how immersive Fallout feels massively, as you can now live like a true Wastelander. 

West Tek Tactical Optics

West Tek adds a few new wearable items to Fallout 4. These are the Tactical Goggles, Tactical Eyepiece, Hacked Goggles, Hacked Visor and Chinese Military Optics Prototype. You can upgrade these items at a workbench, allowing you to add some different vision modes including Thermal imaging, Night Vision and targeting HUD. I use this mod in my own play-through, and helps when exploring with mods like Darker Nights.

Darker Nights

If Fallout 4’s night time doesn’t feel realistic, then give Darker Nights a try. It allows you to change just how dark it is during the night, with there being many options available. You can’t go brighter than Vanilla either. At the Darkest setting, it’s 94% darker than the game is in Vanilla. It makes exploring the Commonwealth at night much more daunting, as it should be.

Tales from the Commonwealth

Finally, we have Tales from the Commonwealth. It adds 20 new quests, 125 NPCs, 3 companions and more. What I like most about this mod is that a lot of the quests are random encounters, instead of being located on your map. As you explore the Commonwealth, you’ll bump into new people with their own stories and quests to give, making the game feel more full and alive. 

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