Top 10 Best Fallout 4 Mods for November 2018


GamingTop 10 Best Fallout 4 Mods for November 2018

It’s not long now until we get the next instalment into the Fallout franchise (Fallout 76). Even though it’s new and fresh, it’s possible that Fallout 4 will still be the more popular choice. Mainly because it has a great single player story and the world feels more alive with NPC’s.

Therefor, it still makes sense to keep posting updates about mods for the game. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the best Fallout 4 mods for November 2018. One thing you should note though is that all these mods where actually released in October. There’s obviously no point doing a best mods of November when no mods are even out yet, right?

Either way, you can see our selection below, which all link back to Nexus Mods. You can check for yourself whether each mod has a PS4/Xbox One version available at

Colorful Leggings

colourful leggings mod

Simply put, the Colorful Leggings mod adds some new leggings to female characters in Fallout 4. In total, there are 14 different colors and patterns available. This mod will require CBBE, which changes the shape of character bodies in Fallout 4.

FIM-92 Stinger

fim 91 stinger mod

Why not add another weapon to the game world? This mod adds the Raytheon FIM-92 Stinger to the game, which comes with heat seeking missiles. There are multiple scopes available for this weapon, and it can be found in-game near military locations, whilst it can also be crafted at a chemistry lab.

XIA Outfit

XIA outfit mod

If you’re a fan of nudity and adult mods in Fallout 4, you’ll appreciate this mod. It adds a new outfit to the female character called the XIA Outfit, which can be crafted in a chemistry station. There is a version available for CBBE Bodyslide, which changes the shapes of in-game models to be more curvy.

Immersive Teleportation 2

immersive teleportation mod

Survival players will definitely take interest in this mod. Add teleporters to the game which allow you to travel around the map without breaking immersion. You can place up to 10 teleports per settlement, with up to 128 locations around the map. Teleporters will need to be built and powered yourself.

Samus Aran PowerSuit

samus aran powersuit mod

The Samus Aran PowerSuit adds a new set of armor to Fallout 4. It’s inspired by the armor shown in the Metroid game. This isn’t a set of power armor, nor a standard set of armor. Meaning that instead of it being split up into pieces, it’s all one item except from the helmet. This suit comes with a lot of special features such as damage protection and a jetpack.

Subway Safehouse

subway safehouse mod

The Subway Safehouse mod adds a realistic player home to the game. Found in the subway near D.B. Technical High School, a fully furnished, lore friendly and ready to use base is waiting for you. The home is navmeshed for your companions, so that they too can enter and have idle animations.

Echo: An Employment Adventure

echo an employment adventure mod

Echo: An Employment Adventure adds a new quest line to Fallout 4, adding around 2 extra hours of game play. With over 500 lines of fully voiced dialogue and multiple endings, it’s sure to add something new to the game. You can start the quest inside Diamond City at the Bounty Board.


battle rifle mod fallout 4

This mod adds a new custom weapon to Fallout 4, the BR77. This stands for Battle Rifle 77, and has been built from scratch by the developer. Although it is in fact based on the Battle Rifle from the Halo franchise. The BR77 is highly customizable, with the possibility of making it look like your favourite Battle Rifle design from Halo. Whilst the design can be changed with various camos available.

Icepick Overhaul

icepick overhaul mod

Icepick Overhaul transforms the entire commonwealth in Fallout 4 into a Winter Wonderland. In comparison to other seasonal mods, Icepick Overhaul aims for realism, immersion and performance friendly. There are other mods available which gives this mod a bit of a boost, such as Vivid Weathers.

The Train

the train mod

The Train is a pretty advanced mod, which adds a new quest line, companion weapons, outfits and a new settlement. What/where is this settlement you ask? Well it’s a moving train which has 12 flat bed cars which you are able to build on and customize. Overall, it’s a pretty impressive mod for Fallout 4.

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