Top 10 Best Fallout 4 Nude Mods for Xbox One


GamingTop 10 Best Fallout 4 Nude Mods for Xbox One

In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the best nudity mods available for Fallout 4 on Xbox One. It’s important to note that Bethesda have a terms of service, meaning no mods are allowed on Xbox One which have actual visible nudity. For this reason, you can only use mods that are partially nude, and don’t show any private body parts. The only place you can get these types of mods are on PC.

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Armored Underwear

First up, we have Armored Underwear Lite. This mod is designed for anyone who wants to have their characters play the game solely in their underwear. Obviously, playing like this in Vanilla means that your character has 0 resistances at all, and will die incredibly easily and often. Installing this mod allows you to craft Underwear items which can be upgraded to have damage resistance, increased carry weight and more.

Enhanced Vanilla Body

Next up is Enhanced Vanilla Body, also called EVB. It changes the body shape only slightly, focusing around the neck and wrist seams. However the main feature of this mod is the new underwear, which is a new mesh. It’s a lot more revealing than the vanilla assets, and the develop has painted over those areas to make the characters semi-nude. With these being a mesh, you won’t have to worry about them clipping through outfits either.

Monno’s Bikini

Monno’s Bikini was first seen in Skyrim, but has now made it over to Fallout 4 on Xbox One. It’s available for female characters, and male ones surprisingly, with all the items being craftable under a Chemistry Station. It uses the CBBE Curvy shape, and has a lot of design options available. You can choose between multiple patterns, colors and even faction designs.

Birthday Suit

This mod adds a new craftable item to Fallout 4 named Birthday Suit. You can equip it onto other NPC’s such as Companions or Settlers to remove the outfit they are wearing, leaving them in a semi-nude state (their underwear). You can craft the Birthday Suit item at a Chemistry Workbench. Wearing it will grant 2 points towards the agility perk too as a bonus.

Sexy Lingerie

Sexy Lingerie is another armor mod for Fallout 4 on Xbox One that makes your characters appear mostly nude. It’s available for both male and female characters, with it slightly altering the mesh of the body shape. There are a load of different color options available which can be found throughout the Commonwealth. Each of the colors provide +1 stat and +100 damage resistance, except the yellow variant which provides +50 instead. 

Thicc Female Body Preset

Another body preset is this one, named ‘Thicc Body Preset’. What it does is adjusts the shape of the female body so that arms are skinny, hips are wider, a larger chest and a smaller waist. The developer states that it works with other body-modifiers. Whilst not really adding new outfits or providing nudity, it adjusts the shape so it works well with other clothing mods.

Girly Animation

Here’s another mod that doesn’t actually add nudity items, but works alongside them. As you’d expect, Girly Animations adjusts a lot of the animations in Fallout 4 to be more feminine. It affects things like walking, running, crouching, jumping, melee attacks and much more. It also changes the physics in certain body areas, which is why it works well with other mods on this list.

Blue Lace Underwear

Here’s another underwear mod, this one being made of blue lace. It isn’t a new item, instead replacing the existing textures for underwear in-game, so this works with all characters including NPCs. This mod also makes some slight changes to the skin in-game. To show this on other characters, you’ll want to use the Birthday Suit mod shown above which allows you to remove outfits from Companions/Settlers.

TERA Pirate Outfit

This next mod is a modular outift, made up of 7 pieces based from TERA Online. It’s available for both vanilla males, and CBBE females. You don’t need to find this outfit, instead you can craft it yourself at any time at a Chemistry Workstation, specifically under the ‘YARRR’ section. The developer recommends that you wear all components at once, as otherwise there may be some graphical glitches.


CBBE stands for Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer, and is another mod that changes the body shape of the adult female character in Fallout 4. It’s probably the most popular and well known option, at least on PC. It uses some of Bethesda’s own meshes/textures too in order to replace the underwear. Again, not a mod that provides nudity but works well alongside others.

That’s it for this list of the best nude & nudity Fallout 4 mods for Xbox One! Hopefully you found something you’re looking for within this list. Make sure to check out more Fallout 4 content here at PwrDown.

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