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Player Homes are incredibly important in Fallout 4. They provide a safe place for the player to rest, craft, cook and store items. You can also send your companions there to live, whilst waiting for orders from you. In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the best player home mods currently available for Fallout 4 on the PS4. 

Unfortunately, PS4 players have it the worst when it comes to modding Fallout 4. Due to heavy restrictions by Sony, no external assets are allowed to be used, meaning no new models, textures, sounds etc. This means it’s hard to find a lot of great mods that we usually see on Xbox and PC. 

The mods in this list are in no particular order, and all the buttons below link back to where you can download them on your PS4. Here at PwrDown, we’ve covered many more lists like this for Fallout 4 PS4 Mods!

No Build Limit

The first mod in this list in No Build Limit, and it’s essential to anyone wanting to build a detailed house/settlement. As you’d expect, this mod removes the limit that is placed by Bethesda when it comes to building and placing objects in your Settlement. It’s assumed this limit is there to prevent lag and bugs from showing up, so keep that in mind when building large amounts of items.

Outfield Retreat

Next up is the Outfield Retreat, which adds a small player home into Diamond City, found opposite Abbott’s home. It looks great, with it being a small compact base where you can store items which will sync between other workstations. Other features includes a Bobblehead shelf, a bed which gives the ‘well rested’ bonus, clean water supply and a functioning day and night cycle. 

Sanctuary Hot Springs & Settlement

This next mod adds a new location just outside of the Sanctuary Settlement in Fallout 4, which is the Hot Springs. It has both exterior and interior featured, with the ability to scrap anything you want. There is a fast travel location on your Pip-Boy for quick access, and you can also send Companions to the Settlement. 

Marlborough Mansion

Here’s another player home, this one located near the HalluciGen Inc building. It has many features, including items transferring between workstations, fresh water supply, ability to build and place your own items, a bed which gives well rested, surgery chair to change appearance and a day & night cycle.

Sanctuary Estates

Sanctuary Estates completely overhauls the Sanctuary Hills Settlement, giving it an all new appearance and layout. Instead of being the small houses we’re used to, it now consists of larger multi-storey blocks which can house quite a few settlers each. Most of the buildings are made out of concrete too, which gives it a post-war rebuild appearance. There’s also a clean version of this mod available too.

Pre-War House

This mod adds a large player home, which also acts as a Settlement. It features a functional guest house and exterior, where you can send other settlers/companions to, as well as grow crops there. There’s also a pool house (shown above), a dedicated Power Armor storage room, weapons and more. Once installed, you can find this player home not far from Fort Hagen in Fallout 4. 

Atom Cat’s Garage Player Home

Atom Cat’s Garage is an already existing location in Fallout 4 that is formerly a Red Rocket Gas Station. It offers quite a bit of notable loot, but you can’t reside there unfortunately. However with this mod, a workbench will be added to the garage, allowing you to turn it into a functioning player home & settlement.

FalloutShock Apartment

If you’re a fan of the Bioshock games, then you’ll love this mod. It adds a new player home which is in the theme of Bioshock, and it looks great. Once installed, you can find this player house near Fort Strong in Fallout 4. The area is also nav-meshed, so you can bring your companions along with you.

Remote Cabin

Remote Cabin acts as a player home and settlement, meaning you can send companions and settlers there too. It can be located just north of Vault 111 in Fallout 4. It has a lot to offer, including custom workbenches, NPC idle markers (to make it feel more alive), storage containers for every item and a lore filled environment. 

USS Quincy – Minuteman Player Home

Our final player home mod featured in this list is the USS Quincy. It’s a large ship, also acting as a minutemen outpost and player home. It can be found just south of Warwick Homestead. To gain access to the ship, you’ll need to partake in a small quest where you defend her from a pirate attack. It features a map marker, workstations, building, lots of storage, wind power for electricity, scrappable items and even crew members. It’s one of the best player home mods available.

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