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Survival mode is tough in Fallout 4, you can’t manually save the game or fast travel. You’ll also take more damage from enemies, whilst also becoming victim to illnesses and fatigue which will need treating. It’s usually only recommended to advanced players, however you can make the mode easier (or more realistic) using some of the mods below.

Unfortunately, PS4 players have it the worst when it comes to modding Fallout 4. Due to heavy restrictions by Sony, no external assets are allowed to be used, meaning no new models, textures, sounds etc. This means it’s hard to find a lot of great mods that we usually see on Xbox and PC. 

The mods in this list are in no particular order, and all the buttons below link back to where you can download them on your PS4. Here at PwrDown, we’ve covered many more lists like this for Fallout 4 PS4 Mods!

Stronger Dogmeat

First up, we have Stronger Dogmeat. With Dogmeat being your loyal companion through the game, you want to make sure that he actually helps out in fights. With this mod, the base damage is increased from 1-2 DPS (Damage per second) to 58 DPS, making him kill enemies much easier.

Weather Redux

Next up, we have Weather Redux. Survival mode is supposed to feel like a challenge, and this mod certainly helps with that. It adds a few new storms including Rain, Fog, Radiation, Plasma, Dust and Thunder, whilst changing some of the Vanilla storms, mostly making them last longer. Now you’ll need to actually find shelter and somewhere to rest. This mod will also make nights darker, which is more immersive and realistic.

Brighter Pip-Boy Flashlight

If you installed the previous mod in this list (Weather Redux), then nights in Fallout 4 should be much darker. Installing this mod will make the flashlight on your Pip-Boy much brighter, whilst also adding a nice sound effect when turning it on or off. I definitely recommend installing this one so that exploring at night is a lot simpler.

Minutemen Watchtowers

Something that you’ll constantly need to do in Fallout 4’s Survival Mode is find a place to rest up. With no fast travelling, you’ll constantly find yourself on the road, often in the middle of nowhere. Installing this mod will add 9 Watchtowers to the Commonwealth, spread throughout the map. Inside, you’ll find some loot, a place to sleep/wait and occasionally, cooking stations and crafting benches.

Portable Camping & Construction

Another mod that’s useful for Survival players is Portable Camping & Construction. It allows you to build items anywhere you want in the game world, not just inside of Settlements. You can do this by using rings, which are found in a trunk just outside of Vault 111. It’s a bit of a cheat mod though, and may break immersion in your game.

Cheat Room

Another mod which will definitely break immersion in Cheat Room. Survival Mode can get a little difficult at times, and you might feel like cheating. Well, Cheat Room adds a few rooms which contains everything from Cheat Rings, Power Armor sets, teleporter buttons, Legendary Chest that will constantly generate items, ability to fast travel from the Cheat Room, Chests that contain every item in the game and more.

All You Can Carry

With there being no fast travel in Fallout 4 Survival Mode, you’ll often find yourself stuck with a full of inventory of stuff and nothing to do with it other than to drop items. After installing this mod, you’ll have unlimited carry weight, so you’ll no longer be over encumbered. You’ll be able to carry the items you need back to your settlement/player home.

Simple Camping

Another mod that allows you to set up places to rest is Simple Camping. Using a portable workshop, you can craft sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, basic workbenches, containers, chairs, lanterns, cabins and water pumps. In my opinion, it’s one of the best mods available to any survival mode player, as you have a place to rest and craft without breaking immersion.

Saving Survival Mode

There is no manual saving in Fallout 4 when you play survival mode. If you die, there’s a good chance you’ll be set back a fair amount. This mod changes that, allowing you to save the game whenever you want. Under the ‘Misc’ section in your Pip-Boy, you’ll find two new items which you can interact with to manually save the game, or even enable Auto Save.

Followers Extended

Finally, we have Followers Extended. This mod allows you to have up to 20 Companions following you at any time in Fallout 4, although this can cause a few bugs. To get started, look for an ammo box near Red Rocket. Inside it, you’ll find 20 rings which can be equipped onto Companions who you want to start following you. It’s useful as Companions will give you the extra carry weight in Survival mode, whilst also helping kill any enemies.

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