Top 10 Best Minecraft 1.14.4 Seeds for September 2019


GamingTop 10 Best Minecraft 1.14.4 Seeds for September 2019

We’re currently sitting on Minecraft 1.14.4, which is confirmed to be the final release before Minecraft 1.15. What we do know about 1.15 so far is that it will have a new mob type, bees. 

For now though, we’ll carry on providing unique and interesting seeds for Minecraft 1.14.4. 

Below, you can see our list of the Best Minecraft 1.14.4 Seeds for September 2019. The list below is in no particular order. For more Minecraft seeds and best-of content, check out our dedicated area here

Winter Biome

Seed: 985847790217986
This seed will spawn you right on the edge of a snow biome, where you can find snow, ice, spruce tree’s and more biome-unique items. One type of mob that you’ll be able to find straight away near the spawn is the fox, which is a relatively new addition to Minecraft and can be tamed.

Survival Island

Seed: 595993180188692
If you want to play a survival-island styled world without downloading any maps, this seed could be a good choice for you. After using this seed, you will spawn on a small island which contains everything you need, such as dirt, sand, trees and more. Dig down to find materials and eventually branch out into the world.

Pillager Outpost

Seed: 074089619849578
Another new addition to Minecraft 1.14 is Pillager Outposts. Here, you can find a Pillager Captain who will give you a Bad Omen effect upon killing him. Walk into any village with Bad Omen and you can start a raid manually. It’s a great seed if you’re wanting to test out raiding. The Outpost can be found at X:182, Z:12 (it’s right near spawn).

Desert Pyramid

Seed: 239587972561968
Desert Pyramids are incredibly useful to find in Minecraft. They offer a lot of loot as long as you are willing to take the risk. This Pyramid is above ground level and completely visible, located just a few blocks from spawn. Head to X:189, Z:134 to find this pyramid.

Mesa Canyon

Seed: -581795111905662
Mesa Biomes are quite difficult to find, but using this seed, you’ll spawn right on the edge of one. Climb up a few blocks and you’ll get an incredible view like the screenshot above. Look into the distance and you’ll see you’re standing on the edge of a giant Mesa canyon.

Ice Spikes

Seed: 143484348540383
This is one of the first times that I have personally seen this sort of terrain in Minecraft. Located deep into a snow biome are these giant ice spikes which dominate the horizon. Going on for miles, these spikes are great to look at and also a great place to start exploring.

Buried Temple

Seed: 585201401608236
Here is another seed which will spawn you near a Pyramid. However this one is a little different as it spawns mostly in the ground, with only the top of the two towers being visible. After spawning, head to the coordinates X:30 and Z:121 where you will be able to spot and loot the pyramid.


Seed: 528232492912369
Using this seed, you will spawn right next to a larger sized village. It has a lot of two story buildings which contain chests, as well as a church. The buildings are quite spaced out, so it will be difficult to defend from a raid. Walk to X:347 and Z:104 to find the village in Minecraft.

Large Island

Seed: 114328595893121
This seed will spawn you right in the middle of a large island which is great for building on. It contains a lot of trees, land, sand and grass. There is also a huge pond in the island which looks great and is a good spot for fishing.

Island Village

Seed: 6031287567835606398 
Finally, we have another island seed. This one is interesting though, because the island also contains a village that cuts through it and spawns on the water. Build a house on the island and you’ll always have a village nearby which you can walk to and trade at.

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