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Data Packs are a relatively new feature to Minecraft, allowing you to change many features and mechanics of the game. They’re similar to mods, but not nearly as advanced, but much easier to install.

In this list, we’re going to show you the Top 10 Best Data Packs currently available for Minecraft! These where tested with the latest version at the time of writing this article (1.14).

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First up, we have Timber. This Data Pack allows you to chop down any tree instantly, instead of having to knock down each individual log. You still have to spend time hitting one log, but the rest of the tree will fall with it, like it would in real life. It will account for your enchantments, and there’s also an option to automatically replant any Saplings that fall off. It’s a great addition to any Minecraft playthrough.

Tables and Chairs

Next up is this Data Pack which adds a few furniture items into Minecraft, specifically tables and chairs. There are a few variants available, such as standard chairs as seen above, or Thrones which are made from more expensive materials. The best thing about this Data Pack is that you can actually interact with the chairs and sit in them. However you’ll need to also install a resource pack to use this.

Ships Out in the Oceans

This next Minecraft Data Pack adds new types of Ships which have a chance of spawning in Oceans, specifically next to Ocean Monuments. There are a few variations available, some which are friendly and some which are enemies, run by Illagers (like the one shown above). Ships contain loot, and you can do some pirating or trading! Although the chances of finding ships are quite rare.

Illager Fortress

This Data Pack adds a new type of Fortress into the Minecraft Overworld, owned by the Illagers. There are 3 different types available, with them all having different designs and layouts. Currently, they only spawn in Snow biomes, near Igloos, so you can use the ‘/locate igloo’ command to find one. The developer states that this is end-game content, so be well equipped if you plan to explore them.

Rotten Flesh to Leather

A small, but highly needed change comes with this Data Pack, which allows you to smelt Rotten Flesh in a furnace, turning it into Leather. The cost is 1 Coal and 1 Rotten Flesh to 1 Leather. Currently, the only way to obtain Leather in Minecraft is by killing cows, and the drop rates are quite low, so this Data Pack gives a bit of a boost without feeling like you’re cheating.

Fancy Structures

Fancy Structures adds 24 new structures into your Minecraft world, and they don’t overwrite any existing structures like other Data Packs do. Most of these new structures consist of dungeons, towers, houses, prisons, dens and more. Even though some of them don’t offer a lot when it comes to exploration, it’s a great addition to make your Minecraft world feel more populated and real.

Technical Enchants

This next Data Pack adds a load of new useful and unique enchantments that you can apply to your tools and armor. They offer many different effects such as XP Boosts, Night Vision, Jumping Boosts, Mining in a 3×3 area, Auto-smelt, Magnetism and more. The enchantment system is a little different though compared to Vanilla Minecraft, so you’ll need to read the in-game guide.

RPG Loot & Mobs

RPG Loot & Mobs adds many new unique items to Minecraft inside this Data Pack. They come with different rarities too, such as Uncommon, Rare, Very Rare and Legendary. The pack is inspired by the Borderlands series, where you’re rewarded with random loot for exploring. With this Data Pack, there’s also a chance for Boss Mobs to spawn in the game world, making it a little bit more challenging overall.


Mtricity is technology based Data Pack, adding many new items into Minecraft. These include Wind Turbines, Jetpacks, Generators, Engines, Oil Tanks, Flame Throwers, Jetpacks, Rockets, Aliens, Solar Panels and more. I only managed to test out the Jetpack, but it works really well, allowing you to fly around Minecraft, you get permanent slow-fall too so you won’t take fall damage.

Recycle Armor

Finally, we have the Recycle Armor Data Pack. It’s another small one that adds some quality of life changes. What it allows you to do is recycle your armor items back into their original materials. So you can return a Diamond Chestplate to 6 Diamonds for example. Although a Diamond Chestplate usually costs 8 Diamonds to make, so you’re missing out on 2 when you recycle it. 

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