Top 10 Best Minecraft Seeds for 1.14 in November 2018


GamingTop 10 Best Minecraft Seeds for 1.14 in November 2018

On October 22nd 2018, we saw a small update to Minecraft. The Update was 1.14, and provided some small performance updates to Minecraft. The latest update revealed the Village and Pillage Update.

Until then though, we’ve provided you this list of the Top 10 Minecraft Seeds for Version 1.14. We’ll provide an update to this list each month, so that you can stay up to date on the best spawn & farming locations.

Flat Area

flat area

Seed: -060277253339002
If you’re looking for a flat area to build on, this area might be great for you. It’s a quiet location which is mostly filled with small ponds and grass. In the distance, there are mountains and trees which can be harvested for wood and minerals such as coal.

Village on a Hill

village on a hill

Seed: 481017892356273
Spawn in a cozy Plains & Forest area with this seed. Not far from the spawn point is a well spawned village, built into the hills. It makes a great starting area for those of you who wish to explore, with some loot already in the village.

Desert Island

desert island seed

Seed: -564510957424004
Using this seed will spawn you on a giant Game of Thrones like island, which mainly consists of desert. If you’re looking for a bit of a challenge for your first few nights in Minecraft, this seed is a great choice. Lakes run right through the island, making it great to navigate through with boats.

Flatland Lake
flatland lake

Seed: -380889469072336
There isn’t nothing too special about this seed. You will spawn in a relatively flat area on the edge of a Savannah biome which looks great. There is a lake right next to the spawn, making it great for setting off and exploring in a boat. There are many islands in the nearby ocean which can be explored.

Miniature Islands

miniature islands

Seed: -972637281303880
Now this Minecraft seed might be difficult to survive on. Using this seed, you’ll spawn on a small island in the middle of the ocean. There isn’t any major pieces of land close by. The only thing you’ll find is more smaller islands, most which are lacking valuable resources such as trees. In total, it seems there are at least 60 islands grouped up.

Dense Forest

dense forest seed

Seed: 573129363402692
Start your game in a dense jungle, just on the edge of a Desert and Savannah biome giving you a lot of choices for direction. Not far from this spawn area is a giant lake which is great for fishing and exploring in a boat.

Survival Island

developed survival island seed

Seed: 651816012984185
If you’re a fan of Survival Island styled maps, this seed is great. Located just a few blocks from the shore is a great looking island. It’s modest in size, and has a few trees for collecting wood and planting more fauna. You have everything you need in the vicinity, including lava flowing down from the nearby mountains.

Lakeside Cove

lakeside cove seed

Seed: 685193417678152
I personally love this seed. You’ll spawn in a walled off area near a large reservoir/lake. The huge walls make it a great defence and an ideal location to build your first house. A small deposit of water is already available, which will greatly help with growing crops. Some terraforming is required for this seed.

Winter Wonderland

winter snow seed

Seed: -774713196198879
With Christmas fastly approaching, why not take advantage of this snow biome spawn? Whilst you actually spawn in a Plains biome, it’s just on the edge of a Ice Plains biome, where the land is relatively flat with a few hills here and there. Unfortunately, the biome isn’t huge and it’s not isolated either.

Forest Lake

forest lake seed

Seed: -894935230589409
Another great looking area is this lake sitting on the edge of a forest. It’s a good location to build a cabin or Minecraft farm especially. Horses, cows, pigs and chickens spawn in the area making it ideal for farming food and breeding animals. With an abundance of trees, you’ll never have to worry about finding trees either!

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