Top 10 Best Minecraft Seeds in December 2019


GamingTop 10 Best Minecraft Seeds in December 2019

As we reach the end of 2019, the release for Minecraft 1.15 is getting closer (with a release date of around 10th December). All these seeds below should work straight with that latest version. 

There are many perks to using a seed over random generation. When you use a Minecraft seed, you’ll be able to have full control of where you spawn, and what will be around you. That’s why in this list, we’re going to show you some of the best Minecraft Seeds for December 2019.

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Jungle Village

Seed: 79687 (230, 270)
Our first seed will spawn you near a Minecraft Village, located in a Jungle Biome. Finding Villages in these biomes are relatively rare already, but this seed has something special. Also spawning in the middle of the Village is a Jungle Temple. Search this temple for loot, just be careful of any traps!

Jungle Island

Seed: -39232282290371388
Next up is this Jungle Island Minecraft Seed. Use it, and you’ll spawn just on the edge of this larger island, where you will find a lot of trees, as well as a Jungle Temple on the edge which you can search for loot. Surrounding this island is large Ice Bergs too.

Winter Wonderland

Seed: 101110101101101
Want to add a bit more of a challenge to your Minecraft world? Use this seed, and you’ll spawn in the middle of no where (well, a forest actually). The harsh environment might be troublesome for you to survive in, as well as growing crops or finding mobs to kill for food.

Island Village

Seed: 748928684431499
There are a lot of interesting features about this seed. There’s an island, which is mostly covered in snow and holds a winter themed village. Off into the distance are some smaller islands, which are great for a survival island styled game. Even further away, you can just see a Mushroom Island Biome.

Floating Village

Seed: -2517059892169615438
Another survival island styled seed is this one. You’ll spawn on a small island, which is mostly taken up by a village. Because the island is so small, the Village actually grows out into the ocean, with it making multiple wooden bridges to get around. You’ll need to build a boat to venture out.

Coral Reef

Seed: -8041839550406104650 (-140, 130)
Coral Reef are a wander to look at, especially at night when they glow in Minecraft. They can be quite hard to find, as they only spawn in some Ocean biomes. However, use this seed and you’ll find a Coral Reef underwater, right at the spawn point.

Ship Wreck

Seed: 1045298416328037846
On the edge of the coast, you’ll spawn next to a Ship Wreck which is partially submerged in the water. Just a few blocks away are a large amount of frozen ice bergs, which makes it seem like the ship struck them and sunk. Inside the Ship, you can find chests which contain various loot.

Island Ravine

Seed: 109742003
This survival island styled seed for Minecraft will spawn you on a decently sized island. It’s surrounded with a sandy coast, with the centre being grass, birch trees and oak trees. What makes this seed one of the best though is that there’s a ravine cutting through the middle, where you can mine for resources.

Bamboo Forest

Seed: -812376615236786930
Bamboo Forests are one of Minecrafts newer biomes. They are large forests made up of Bamboo. Compared to normal Jungles, they’re easy to navigate as they aren’t as dense. Inside the Bamboo Forest, you have a good chance of finding Panda’s, although they can’t be tamed.

Exposed Stronghold

Seed: 2823308131507773797 (1145, -875)
A Stronghold is one of Minecraft’s most important locations. It’s where you head to the End world and fight the Ender Dragon. Only then will you have truly completed Minecraft. Use the above seed and head to the coordinates to find a Stronghold partially exposed, allowing easy access. 

How to Enter Minecraft Seeds

You can enter Minecraft Seeds when creating a new world. During the creation screen, press the ‘More Options’ button at the bottom of the screen. You will see a text box with the heading ‘Seed’. Input one of the Seeds above, then press the Create World Button.

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