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Satisfactory already has so many mods available. They all do vastly different thing too, some make simple decoration and cosmetic changes, whilst others are more advanced and add new machines or tiers to existing ones. In this list, we’re going to take a look at some of the best Satisfactory mods available! To install these mods, you will need the Satisfactory Mod Launcher.

At the time of writing this guide, Satisfactory was in its early access. For that reason, there may be a few things different in this guide compared to your own game depending on future updates. If you’re interested, we’ve covered many more Satisfactory Guides here at PwrDown!

Refined Power

First up, we have Refined Power which is the most downloaded mod for Satisfactory. It adds many new ways of producing power, especially from renewable energy. These include Wind Turbines, Solar Panels, Arc Reactors and Dyson Spheres. Some items also have multiple tiers which they can be upgraded to.

Light It Up

Next up is Light It Up, which adds many new light sources into Satisfactory. These include Lamp Poles, Street Lamps, Powerpole Lamps, Construction Lights, Portable Lamps and Spider Lamps. Some of these lights will consume power, and some consume fuel. There are also different modes where lamps can always be on, off or automatically determined by the time of day.

Programmable Elevators

Programmable Elevators is a great mod to have once your factory starts to increase in size. With it, you can program elevators to take you to specific floors. The speed of the elevators can also be configured, as well as each floor being given a name so that you know where all your items and machines are.

Advanced Logistics

After installing this mod, you’ll unlock the adjustable splitter and merger which can be unlocked in the Hub Tier 3 upgrade. It makes transferring items more efficient, as you can choose which belts to use when one output is full for example.


With this mod, you can unlock these teleporters in Satisfactory once you reach Hub Tier 4. With it, you can give each teleporter a name and travel between them in the game world. It provides an easy way to travel around your factory if it’s large, or around other locations on the map. The teleporters mod also works fine with multiplayer too.


MK++ adds new tiers to a lot of machines and buildings in Satisfactory, specifically Mk 2, Mk 3 and Mk 4 variants. The upgraded buildings are the Constructor, Refinery, Foundry, Smelter, Manufacturer, Assembler and Water Pump, with each tier adding an extra 50% efficiency. This is definitely one of the best mods to install.


Flags adds a wide selection of ways to display information and signs. These include Screens, Sci-Fi Screens, Flags, Large Flags, Banner Flags, Hanging Flags and Circular Screens (all of which can be seen above). There are many textures included, with optional add-ons available which add many more textures to choose from.

Passive Mode

If you don’t like dealing with hostile mobs and creatures in Satisfactory, then this mod is for you. It simply removes all hostile creatures and toxic gas from the world. The recipes for Alien Organs and Alien Carapace will become available using biomass (as they will no longer be obtainable from enemy mobs).


This next Satisfactory mod adds a minimap into the game, although you will have need to have unlocked the vanilla map to see it. Once installed, you can enable/disable the minimap by pressing the M key. It’s useful for quickly navigating throughout your world and relaying your position to other players in the game using coordinates.


Finally, we have Decoration. This mod adds new buildable items to Satisfactory which are environment themed. This includes 86 Trees, 84 Rocks and 40 Corals which are already found in the games files. It’s a great mod to decorate your factory/game world, and can be used with other mods such as Micro Manage where you can resize items.

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