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League of LegendsLeast Played Champions in League of Legends

The meta in League of Legends is constantly changing. Some Champions will be picked more, some less. However some Champions will remain pretty consistent throughout and never be picked, which is a good signal that Riot should consider a rework.

In this list, we’ve looked at some statistics and put together a list, showcasing the 10 least picked Champions in League of Legends. These Champions might not be strong enough, or just not fit in with todays meta. 

We published this list in 2020, so it may not reflect on newer released Champions in the future. Want to see some more content like this? Make sure to check out our League of Legends area where we’ve covered many more lists, guides and more! Alternatively, you might want to take a look at the 10 Most Played League of Legends Champions!


Annie Support is the Champion with the current lowest pick-rate in League of Legends at 0.31%. This is shocking really, as there was a time where she’d be a constant pick and dominate the bottom lane. One of the biggest issues with Annie is she wasn’t designed to be a Support Champion, but it happened anyway. Annie doesn’t offer much to her ADC, except high burst damage and a single stun. She doesn’t work in a meta where the carry needs more peel than ever in the form of shields and health.


The second least played Champion in League is Taliyah in the middle lane. Just like Annie, she is seen in around 0.31% of games, although she currently has a very low win-rate. At the time of this article, Taliyah has just a 44.82% win rate on average, which is lower than most other Champions. It seems she’s been hit hard by some nerfs, but I’m sure she’ll be a solid pick again soon.


Surprisingly, Heimerdinger is another Champion who is seeing a reduced pick rate in LoL. Heimerdinger is very versatile, and can typically be seen in the top lane, middle lane or in the ADC Role. Although he has a low pick rate through all 3 roles. Currently, you can find Heimerdinger in around 0.24-0.34% of games, with the highest win rate when played in the middle lane. 


Ryze currently has the fourth lowest pick rate for his native role. In the top lane, Ryze is picked in around 0.38% of games and has been seeing a steady decline with the past few patches. He also has a pretty low win-rate, sitting at 45.7%. Ryze has already undergone multiple reworks, so it seems what he needs now is a few buffs to make him a popular choice again.

Tahm Kench

I’m saddened to see Tahm Kench played so little in the Support role, currently being the least chosen. Tahm is a great Champion, and can provide a lot of aid to the ADC. Unfortunately though, it’s not enough as he can’t provide any shields of heals and is stuck to being a melee champion, meaning he can’t return any poke most of the time, plus he uses up a lot of mana. Tahm Kench has a pick rate of 0.47% in League of Legends.


Rumble Top is seeing a sharp decline too, being the sixth least picked Champion in LoL. This seems to coincide with his win-rate, which is also slowly decreasing the past few patches. Although it still remains at 47.22% which is about normal for a lot of Champions. You can expect Rumble to be picked in around 0.51% of your games.

Aurelion Sol

I’m not too surprised to see Aurelion Sol be the seventh least played Champion in League of Legends. Aurelion Sol is easily outmatched by long distance champions like Lux, and he solely relies on his W ability hitting which is relatively easy to move out the way from. Unlike other mid laners, Aurelion doesn’t have any sustained poke or abilities to keep firing out, he’s more of an all or nothing Champion. All this combined likely contributes to his 0.70% pick rate.

Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is the eight least picked Champion overall, and the third least picked top-laner. If Mundo gets strong, you can expect him to help carry most games, as he’s pretty easy at reaching the back-line and taking out squishy enemies. Although early game, he has to play pretty safe, at least until he has level 6 and some items which can help keep him alive. Currently, Dr. Mundo has a pick-rate of 0.70%.


Seeing Ziggs on this list is quite a shock, as he’s often seen as being very powerful (and annoying). Ziggs can constantly use his Q to hurt enemies, his W as an escape and E as a slow. With low cool-downs, Ziggs is one of the easiest Champions to force your enemy out of lane with. Despite all that, he currently only has a 0.73% pick rate in the middle lane, paired with a 48.88% win rate. It’s likely that due to Ziggs not having much to offer when it comes to defenses, he’s easily taken out by any enemies who get close enough.


The final, and tenth least Champion to be picked in League of Legends is Anivia in the middle lane. At the moment, she has a pick rate of 0.82%. However she has a win rate that is slightly positive, sitting at 50.91%. There’s a few reasons that Anivia isn’t a common pick, the first one being her high mana usage compared to low damage. With the need to rush maximum mana and mana regeneration, it might be a while until you actually start to deal any damage, by which point you might be too far gone to be useful in-game.

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