Top 10 Minecraft 1.14 Seeds in July 2019


GamingTop 10 Minecraft 1.14 Seeds in July 2019

At the time of this post, we’re already on Minecraft 1.14.3 which was released towards the end of June 2019. What this update did was made some small changes which included bug fixes and quality of life features such as being able to disable village raids. 

In 1.14, we saw the all new Minecraft Villages that came with the Village & Pillage update. So we’re going to include seeds to explore a few of them, whilst we found some other interesting seeds that include Icebergs, Shipwreck, Temples and even Survival Island styled seeds.

Below, you can see our list of the Top 10 Minecraft Seeds for 1.14 in July 2019. The list below is in no particular order, and all seeds should work between PC, PS4 and Xbox One. They contain all sorts of different spawn areas and content!

To achieve the same look as the screenshots below, I am using Optifine and Sildur’s Shaders. If you want to check out some more Minecraft content including guides and seeds, you can view our dedicated area here!

Survival Island

Seed: -164023785253131
Using this seed, you will spawn on a relatively small island in the middle of the ocean in Minecraft. It looks great, mainly because it has a few hills wrapped around a grass area where you can build your home. The island has a lot of resources such as different types of trees, sand, stone and minerals meaning it sort of acts as a survival island type seed.


Seed: 672998139233071
As we’re all aware by now, the main feature of Minecraft 1.14’s Update was the Village & Pillage Update. What this update did specifically was completely overhaul the villages we’ve known and loved over the past several years. Explore this seed (and a few others in this list) to see what makes these new villages unique and different.


Seed: -176025100703688
Another relatively new addition to the Minecraft world is Icebergs. These giant structures appear in the ocean, with them all consisting of different shapes and sizes. They don’t offer any new game-play as they’re simply made of ice and snow, but they’re incredibly awesome to look at. 


Seed: -886734696382900
The reason I’ve labelled this Minecraft seed Isolation is because well, it leaves you isolated. It will spawn you on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean with no useful resources around. There are lands not far into the distance which you will have to try and make your way too, adding an extra layer of difficulty.

Small Village

Seed: -855832556062829
Here is another Minecraft Village seed. Although this village is smaller than the others in this list as it only has a few buildings that are all close together. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth exploring though, as all of the changes added in the Village & Pillage update feel unique and different each time you visit. 

Desert & Icebergs

Seed: 456572552686058
After using this seed, you will spawn on the very edge of a Desert Biome. What’s interesting about this one though is just a few blocks away are tens, possibly hundreds of Icebergs. If you face the same direction as the screenshot above, there is also a Desert Village in the distance just off to the left. 

Luscious Island

Seed: -565508871354513
Similar to the previous Survival Island Seed mentioned in this post, here is another island that’s in the middle of the ocean. This one though is slightly different as it’s much larger and built up, whilst it also has a lot more trees making it feel very natural and homely. It’s a great location to build a base and a dock with a boat to get around the Minecraft world.

Large Village

Seed: -676682532972352
This is the fourth village seed in this list, and this one is the biggest by far. It even has two churches which you can see on the screenshot above. If you want to see what the best things that the Village & Pillage Update have to offer, then you may want to try this seed out. Build a house nearby too or take control of one of the village ones.

Shipwreck & Ocean Monument

Seed: -022742258955549
For this Minecraft Seed, you will spawn on the edge of some land near the ocean. Not far in the distance is an ocean monument, as well as a shipwreck. As you can see by the image above, the Shipwreck is submerged quite deep underwater, with only the mast sticking out. If you can get down to the chests, you will find a load of iron nuggets and ingots.

Desert Temple

Seed: -312269379860396
Finally, we have your standard Desert Temple which have been in Minecraft for a long time. It’s partially submerged in the sand, but you should be able to see it from the spawn point if your render distance is high enough. Desert Temples are a great way to get your hands on TNT and other useful materials early on into the game.

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