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League of LegendsMost Played League of Legends Champions

There are over one hundred Champions available to be played in League of Legends, and the list is ever-growing. For that reason, you might be wondering, which ones are the most played?

Well, we’ve put together a list below showing the 10 League of Legends Champions which are picked the most. Funnily enough, the list didn’t include any middle or top laners, but this is probably due to their versatility and the likes of Junglers being seen top, and mid even Supports in the mid lane.

We published this list in 2020, so it may not reflect on newer released Champions in the future. Want to see some more content like this? Make sure to check out our League of Legends area where we’ve covered many more lists, guides and more! We’ve also covered another list like this, showcasing the 10 Least Picked Champions in League of Legends.



That’s right, Thresh is the most played champion in League of Legends! It’s no surprise really, as he’s arguably one of the most balanced champions to play. Due to his high mechanical skill set, mastering Thresh is also extremely rewarding. Thresh is a Support Champion, and currently appears in around 13.86% of all games. When it comes to win-rate, it’s around 48.73%, showing that he’s pretty balanced. The next most-played Support would be Lulu, who’s 7th.


In second place is Ezreal, who currently shows up in around 13.67% of games. That’s very close to Thresh, and they’re both constantly switching between eachother for the top slot. Ezreal is the most played ADC, and averages a win-rate of 48.49%. Ezreal is one of the latest ADC champions to receive a rework, and evidently it benefited him as he’s most players go-to pick.


Caitlyn is another ADC Champion, and is the third most played overall in League of Legends. She’s remained pretty consistent throughout League’s updates, only seeing very minor changes. Currently, Caitlyn is picked in around 12.69% of all games, and boasts a win-rate of just over 52.40%. Some of the reasons she likely has a positive win-rate is due to her traps which provide some solid CC (Crowd Control), ability to escape, a long distance ultimate and an extremely high attack range.


Ashe has to be one of the most well-known Champions in League of Legends, due to her being one of the beginner Champions. No doubt this has contributed to her having a high play rate of 11.74%. Her kit has a lot to offer, especially her ultimate ability where you stun the first enemy hit, whilst slowing any nearby enemies. Ashe is the fourth most played Champion in LoL, and has a win rate of 11.74% at the moment.


Finally moving away from ADC’s (for just a moment), we can see that Kha’Zix is the fifth most played Champion in League of Legends. Currently, you can expect Kha’Zix to appear in around 9.51% of games with a win-rate of 53.01%, which is the highest of all Champions in this list. Unsurprisingly, he has a pretty high ban rate too of 2.60%. I say unsurprisingly because a fed Kha’Zix is one of the last things you want in your games, as you can expect your squishy allies to be taken out in a single hit.

Lee Sin

Lee Sin is such a complicated Champion, loved and hated by many. He’s considered to be one of the most mechanically advanced Champions you can play in League of Legends due to his mobility. Ward hopping, flash kicking, using your Q on a minion to escape, he has it all. It’s no surprise that he’s the sixth most played Champion in League of Legends, currently having a 9.25% chance of appearing in your games. Funnily enough, he also has a pretty low win-rate of just 45.8%, which says it all really.


Our second Support Champion to make this list is Lulu, and she’s he seventh most played Champion in League of Legends. Lulu makes a great support, as she can provide a lot of peel for her marksman with speed boosts, shields and ultimate ability which increases health and defenses. Thanks to this, Lulu is a strong pick, being chosen around 9.20% of times and having a decent win percentage of 51.5%.


The final ADC to make this list is Vayne, who’s always been a strong pick. She definitely requires mastering, as her entire kit takes a while to understand completely. Vayne has a lot of utility, being able to go invisible, stun enemies and deal high amounts of damage quickly. Currently, she has a pick rate of 8.16%, but sits just below the 50% line when it comes to win-rate (49.56%). 


Another popular Jungle choice is Kayn, who is the ninth most played Champion in League of Legends. He’s one of those Champions I’ve never actually played, but always dread being against. What makes Kayn so strong is his ability to gank, where he can easily pass through terrain. Currently, Kayn shows up in around 7.62% of games, and will win 50.58% of them. 


The final League of Legends Champion to make this list is Senna. The tenth spot is actually taken by Lillia. Though due to her being such a new champion, it’s not an accurate stat. Senna is relatively new too, but she’s had time to settle into the meta. Whilst she is primarily a Support Champion, it’s also common that she’ll be played ADC due to her high range and damage. You can expect to see Senna in around 7.42% of games, with a win-rate of 50.34%. 

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