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GamingTop 20 Best Forge Mods for Minecraft 1.19

Minecraft 1.19 brought lots of new content to the game, like the Warden. But thanks to how versatile Minecraft actually is, you can still transform it into basically anything you’d like, whether it be a Zombie Apocalypse, RPG or Space Exploration game!

This list is going to take a look at the Top 20 Best Forge Mods currently available for Minecraft 1.19. Although this article was published early on into the versions release, hundreds more mods will be available soon.

Biomes O’ Plenty

One of the most popular Biome mods, Biomes O’ Plenty is already updated to the latest version. It adds lots of new Biomes into both the Overworld and Nether, which fit many different themes.

Some of the locations you can find are the Dead Forest, Floodplain, Lavender Field, Mystic Grove and a lot more. Also included with Biomes O’ Plenty are lots of new blocks, which usually consist of items made from all the new wood types, as well as different Saplings and other plants.

Usually, lots of other mods have compatibility with Biomes O’ Plenty, like Dynamic Trees, so keep an eye out for those.

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie is a pretty cute mod. If you have a tamed Wolf that’s sitting down, it will now lie down instead when you’re far away.

It’s a bit more realistic and immersive, and there’s lots of different positions that a Wolf can lie in. When you get close again, they’ll return to their sitting position.


To make dying less of a pain, try installing Corpse. After dying, your body will be left behind on the ground.

When interacting with it, you can retrieve all of your items that you left behind, without worrying about them despawning. After an hour, a Corpse will even turn into a Skeleton which is a cool feature.

By pressing the U key, you can view your death history, which also shows your Corpse location, as well as the items stored inside.


The Tempad is based on Marvel’s Loki, and allows you to create doorways, which teleport you to different locations. A Tempad can be created from 6 Blocks of Quartz, a Glass Block, Redstone Lamp and a Beacon.

In the interface, you can save positions, and also create a doorway to them, which you can walk through. After opening a doorway, there’s a recharge period before another can be created.

Easy Villagers

Easy Villagers can be used to make both trading and managing Villagers simpler. Firstly, you can now pick up Villagers and place them into your inventory. Then, they can be placed in some new blocks provided by the mod, like the Trader, Farmer, Breeder and Converter block.

The mod will allow you to constantly breed new Villagers, set up automatic trading, create Iron Golem Farms and more in a 1 block area, so you never have to worry about chasing or losing Villagers.

Llama Steeds

With Llama Steeds, you can treat your Llamas as if they’re a Horse. With the mod installed, you’ll now be able to equip Llamas with a Saddle and control their movement. Place a Chest on them too, and you have a pretty good way of traveling through your world.

Advanced Compass

Advanced Compass will add a new Compass Bar to the top of your screen. It’s highly configurable, and you can also show your in-game coordinates, as well as nearby mobs and their direction.

By pressing the N key, you can quickly set waypoints which will appear on the Compass too, making it a really useful mod overall. If you want to configure the mod at any time, just press P instead.

Guard Villagers

In a Village, you will now find Guards roaming around with this mod installed. They’ll be equipped with armor, as well as a Sword or Crossbow.

They’ll patrol a Village, and attack any threats, like Zombies or Raids. If you have unemployed Villagers, then they can be converted into Guards by sneaking and right clicking them with a Sword or Crossbow.

There’s some cool mechanics with this mod. If you have the Hero of the Village Effect, then you can open up a Guards inventory, change their armor, give them an area to patrol or even have them follow you instead.

Advanced Netherite

Advanced Netherite adds 4 new tiers of Netherite equipment, which involves armor, tools and weapons. Now, items can be upgraded to Netherite Iron, Gold, Emerald and Diamond.

As an example, armor pieces are able to pacify Piglins, Enderman and Phantoms. Whereas Swords might give a higher chance of receiving drops like Ender Pearls, Gold Nuggets and Phantom Membranes.

The same goes for other items like Pickaxes, which can increase ore drops when mining. You can obtain all these new items from a Smithing Table, and it’s going to be costly, as you have to upgrade between each tier.

Soul Shards

To get started with this mod, create a structure from 4 Quartz Blocks, 4 Obsidian and 1 Glowstone Block. When you use a Diamond on the Glowstone Block, you’ll receive an Unbound Soul Shard.

After killing an entity, it will be bound to that shard, and over time, you can increase the kill count. Before being able to use the Shard, it will need to reach tier 1, which needs at least 64 kills. Later on, you can craft a Soul Cage, which is made from Corrupted Ingots, but these aren’t too difficult to craft.

When you use your Soul Shard on a Soul Cage, the mob that’s bound to it will continuously spawn. As you increase the level of your Soul Shard, the rate at which mobs spawn will be increased, among a few other bonuses.

Useful Backpacks

Useful Backpacks adds 3 new Backpacks which are small, medium and large sized. Each type offers 15, 54 and 117 slots, and they can be dyed lots of different colors. There’s also an Ender Backpack included.

It’s a simple mod really, and it’s cheap to craft and upgrade between the different backpacks. Filters can be applied to the backpacks, so that items you pickup will be sent straight into them, instead of your inventory.


This Minecraft mod is quite interesting, it allows you to add some cool hairstyles to your character. To start, craft the Barber Scissors and Comb from 2 Iron Ingots, 1 Shears and 1 Plank.

When you interact with them, you’ll see this interface, where you can create a completely new hairstyle. But for now, I’d recommend using some of the included presets, which there are over 30 of.

More can be found by pressing the Hair Salon button. Once you’ve got the style you want, you can then change the color. 

Another Furniture Mod Compendium

Another Furniture Mod adds some more decorative items into Minecraft, many of which are functional. From different wood types, you’ll be able to create Chairs, Tables, Shelves, Shutters, Curtains, Stools and Planter Boxes.

You’re able to sit on chairs, display items on shelves and even open or close curtains. There’s some different designs for the items depending on the material they’re made from, and I’m sure we’ll see more updates to this mod in the future.

Camp Chair

Another furniture item is the Camp Chair. These can be created from Logs and Slabs, with there being 8 types available. If you place a Camp Chair near a Campfire, then your health will slowly regenerate when sitting on it.

Wool can be added to a Camp Chair for further decoration, but it also gives the resting mechanic, stopping Phantoms from spawning.

Cosmetic Armor Reworked

Cosmetic Armor Reworked will allow you to wear two sets of armor at once. You’ll be given the stats of the armor in your regular slots.

And any armor that is placed in these new slots will be for cosmetic purposes only. So if you really like the look of some equipment, but the stats are bad, now you can still wear it.

Or you can even wear armor, but have just your skin visible instead.

Iron Chests Restocked

Iron Chests Restocked is an updated version of Iron Chests. It adds lots of new Chests, ranging from Iron to Netherite, with the Netherite version offering around 90 storage slots.

One interesting feature is that the mod also includes Dolly’s, which can be made from Iron and Diamond. These will allow you to transport your Chests, along with the items inside them.

You can also craft a Lock and Key, so that other players in your world aren’t able to steal from a Chest.

Not Enough Animations

Not Enough Animations brings in lots of animations from the first person view, straight to third person. So with it installed, you should see better animations for actions like eating, drinking, looking at maps, rowing boats, riding horses and more.

It’s a big improvement overall, and will be a good addition to multiplayer servers.

Physics Mod

Physics Mod does exactly as it sounds. It adds physics to lots of blocks and mobs, which look pretty realistic too. It’s going to be most noticeable when breaking blocks, as they’ll break into lots of little pieces, crashing into each other.

Some blocks react differently too, like Grass, which falls to the ground instead. Items that you drop will now actually fall freely, and rest on the ground instead of hovering. With mobs, they’ll ragdoll when killed, like they just become lifeless. It’s all really configurable too.

More Babies

More Babies will just add lots of new entities into Minecraft, specifically baby-variants of already existing mobs. With it installed, expect to find baby Blaze, Spiders, Enderman, Ghast, Pillagers, Skeletons, Witches and more.

Currently, 30 baby mobs are added in total for different passive and hostile creatures.

Packing Tape

With Packing Tape, you’re able to transport blocks by breaking them. You need to craft the tape to start. When holding it, right click on a block, whether it be a Chest or some sort of machine like a Furnace.

Then when you harvest it, you can pick up the Packaged Block, place it down again in a location of your choosing and unwrap it. And you shouldn’t have to worry about losing any items inside.

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